when wrestling was cancelled


Rich was making plans to be away on Saturday for a wrestling tournament but a winter snowfall came and it was blessedly cancelled.  Sometimes a change of plans is without a doubt a gift from God, a way to slow us down and keep us home, to remember and enjoy each other.

We painted while listening to Christmas songs.



The children gathered their snow clothes and bundled up to go sledding.  All around them were trees covered with new snow and fresh cold air.  The climbed up the hill, slid down, and did it again and again.



When they came back inside, they threw their snow things on the floor to dry.  (But Mama made them hang them from hooks and chairs).

There was a cozy fire to sit next to, hot drinks, and games to play.

We all agreed that The Polar Express was a most wonderful movie.

There were books to pick up and read, and cats to hold on our laps.


Each year the children become more helpful in the kitchen.

We made tray upon tray of Christmas cookies.








It took more work to clean up than it did to do the baking.

And then it was time to listen to Dad read a year after year favorite.


By-ends and his schoolfellows walked on together, laughing and talking.  Christian and Hopeful were not very far from them, and presently the four boys ran after them and began to ask them foolish questions.  They pretended that they wished to know whether some of the things that they were fond of doing were wrong and likely to displease the King, and they hoped that Christian would not be brave enough to answer them truly, because then they would be able to call him a coward.  But although little Christian was a shy and timid child, he was not afraid to speak the truth.  He had learned to love the King dearly, and no fear of what these rough boys might do to him would have made him agree with By-ends and his friends.  He answered all their questions bravely and truly, and at last they began to feel ashamed of themselves and said no more.  Christian was very glad when they left him, and he went on with Hopeful, while By-ends stayed behind with his three idle companions.  pg 99


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