last night


a simply lovely life

Caleb, our eight year old, had his chorus concert last night so I made him take a shower.  I slicked his hair back good and used gel to make it hold.

Doesn’t he look handsome?

Even more than his Dad’s good looks, it’s what I see coming from his eyes….his gentle, sweet soul…..

Rich was at Jacob’s track meet (J got fourth in Javelin) and Grace was at youth group.  Ethan sat in the back of the auditorium (he had baseball practice so I brought him dinner on a paper plate) with Dave and I sat up toward the front, with Seth on one side and Sarah on the other.

During the performance, Sarah whispered into my ear, “Caleb was being a good singing.”   I immediately sent that one to Rich.  (kid quotes)

During the performance, Seth whispered into my ear, “I’m so so hungry!”  Come to find out, I had completely missed giving Seth his dinner.  (large family problems).

When we were leaving the school he asked, “Mom?  Can we go someplace to eat?”  I said, “Sure!  Home!”,  to which he replied indignantly, “That’s NOT A PLACE!  IT’S A HOME!”

It began to rain and we saw a big rainbow.

Rich was in the kitchen loading the dishwasher when I stepped in the house.  We hugged for a long time.

7 thoughts on “last night

  1. What a handsome little guy! 🙂 This made me chuckle. I love living vicariously in a large family with y’all. 😉 Your blog posts are always fun. Congrats to Jacob!

    • The days when I have no sense of humor are the worst! It’s best to laugh through all the craziness. I’m glad you got a chuckle out of this peek from our evening. Thinking of you and your cabin and your chickies!

  2. Such a handsome guy! I like hearing about each personality. I experienced that sweet personality. I too enjoy the quotes from the kids 🙂

    • Isn’t it a wonder to have children and experience them each as individuals AND as a group? I know you understand the beauty of family….. miss you ….. xo

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