loving others

“When life is a weariness and escape impossible, it is wonderful to have a friend who can bring us peace with the touch of a hand.”

“Those were the good days.  They were serene days and quite undemonstrative, like the best days in one’s life; the boy never forgot them.  Nothing happens; one simply lives and breathes and wishes for nothing more, and nothing more.”

Independent People by Halldor Laxness


new dress


striking a pose but has a wedgie



“what are those brothers up to now?”


two toy cats, one in each hand, named Stacey and Jessica



I held her cats as she crossed the stream.




how I love this daughter of mine


with her big brother, they look so much alike


What a blessing it is to have older children to help arrange days of fun with loved friends.  As parents, we desire and delight that the children *want to bring their friends* to our home.  It lifts the soul to talk and laugh together with a house full of happy people, comfortable and relaxed in our relationships.







Today is the delicious feeling of a good healthy TIRED, the result of yesterday’s full day of fun, and memories.  Oh how we need one another, our friends, our community, our families.  I watched with contentment in my heart as children from multiple families ran in and out of doors, ate their treats, teased, laughed, got dirty, and had a wonderful time of freedom and beautiful wildness.  All the children had dirty feet by the end of the day.


Kathy, Caroline, and I went for a little walk, talked, and discovered wildflowers; two simple activities which are like therapy for the woman’s heart.  A good talk about all of life’s happenings, and the eyes to see and notice the beauty of the world around us.


“Come in the evening, or come in the morning:
Come when you’re look’d for, or come without warning.
Kisses and welcome you’ll find before you,
And the oftener you come here the more I’ll adore you!”

Thomas Osborne Davis


“The more I think about it,
the more I realize there is
more artistic than
to love others.”

Vincent Van Gogh



8 thoughts on “loving others

  1. I used to have a vintage embroidery piece with two lines of the Davis quote. Didn’t know the other lines. Gave it to a friend who collects vintage embroidery. Sounds like a wonderful day spent with friends.

  2. That mushroom picture is so cool! Love Sarah’s new dress so much! The dear little cats, one in each hand made the whole “look” perfect, that and the shiny sandals!

    • It’s always a big thrill for me when I see you’ve left a comment! LOL I bought Sarah her dress when I was on vacation in Georgia with my parents this spring. hugs, friend.

  3. Sara’s dress is adorable, and so is she. I never realized how much she and Caleb look alike! It’s amazing how similar they are. Cute picture of Seth enjoying that marshmellow. 😉

  4. Sara looks so darling in that cute dress. She is pretty, and I enjoyed all the “looks” she gave you. Sweet days with friends and loved ones. I feel sadly lonely these days as few visit us and we are at home, but stay content in caring for my boy, and laughing with him as he is able. I know God is doing good things.

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