seth’s fifth birthday

Groundhog’s day?

Super bowl Sunday?

Seth’s BIRTHDAY!!!!!

What a fun day we are having.  Rich took David and Caleb to their first wrestling tournament and I took the other children to church.  We got home a little while ago and Mike is here.  We have Despicable Me 2 going on the TV and Sarah is taking her nap.  Oh was she a handful in church.  She was on one side of me and Seth was on the other.  I didn’t know she had a communion cup completely IN her mouth until the nice young lady behind us leaned over to take it out.  Sarah was highly offended.  Seth was on my lap, then Sarah, then Seth….they were hungry, they were thirsty, she was crying, he was feeling my leg (the nylons are SO fascinating), they needed mints, he kicked her, she cried again, etc.  The song leader stood up after the sermon and said something like “Don’t you just wish this service could go on and on….” and I was like “NO PLEASE NO!”  LOL

It was good to be there and I’m truly glad we went.  We did Burger King drive through after church was over and saw a bunch of ducks in the parking lot.  Grace took pictures of them through the window.

Most importantly, today is Seth’s birthday.  He is five now.


He said he loved the wrapping paper.  He had his gifts opened up in approximately 20 seconds flat.


Seth the stealthy ninja


before church




The eyes to melt a mama’s heart.


It’s easy to hold up five fingers.


He had barbecue sauce with his chicken nuggets.


Seth’s friend Naomi gave him a cool gift at church today.


Seth with two of his four brothers.  I can’t stand it.

Happy Birthday to the little charmer who keeps me on my toes and lights up my life.

4 thoughts on “seth’s fifth birthday

  1. Happy Birthday Seth! Oh, how can it be that he’s five already? It makes me feel old. I hope his day continues to be a great one. And I hope there’s a few minutes of quiet and chocolate for you Shanda.

  2. Happy Birthday, Seth!! What a handsome little guy he is! I had to laugh out loud at Seth feeling your Nylons in church. 😀 Such precious pictures of you and Seth.

  3. Seth looks so happy! Wow I would have found that hard to have my kids in church with me when they were little! Our here in California kids go to Sunday school both during the church service and during the adult Sunday school time. At least in the few churches I have been to here. My husband grew up in a church though where the kids of all ages attended service and also went to Sunday school. Gee that is so young to have to sit still and be good for an hour (or more..).

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