{this moment} a handmade skirt


















I know its hard because her face is so cute, but did you notice the skirt?  I made it today!  I bought the fabric when I was pregnant for Sarah but never did anything with it.  This morning, she found it in my box, spread it on the floor, and curled up on it.  She has a weakness for pretty things.  It was obvious that she loved it, so I asked her if she wanted me to make her a skirt with it.


She yells when she gets excited.

I used a piece of old homemade lace that my cousin Elisha gave me to trim the hem.

The fabric is thick, soft flannel.  Just right for these winter days.

I sewed away on the skirt while Seth and Sarah played at my feet and touched my sewing machine/pin cushion/scissors/seam ripper too many times.

I yell when I get excited, too.

Happy Friday!


8 thoughts on “{this moment} a handmade skirt

  1. This is just so heartwarming and adorable! She is adorable and what a pretty little skirt! I wish I could sew like that. You are one talented lady! You’re right….her face is so cute!!! And…..I also yell when I get excited, lol. Precious post. 🙂

  2. Shanda, that skirt is so adorable! I am not a talented seamstress and I greatly admire those that can sew.

    I am changing blogs to a private one. You are cordially invited.

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