Sunday:  After a big, gooey pizza, we had birthday cake.





I know, the cake was tiny!  I bought it at a bake shop and I knew he would love the football and decide that it would slice into 10 pieces just fine.  We each had one piece and then the cake was gone.



Monday:  I knew we were about to get some snow so I took Seth and Sarah downtown to get some groceries.  There is nothing like that “prepared” feeling.



After I got the groceries in the house Sarah and I ran down to the chicken coop.



We asked them to come out and play but they said they were barefoot.



Parker is always ready for some playtime.

Actually, I think this face is saying, “Do you have an egg in your pocket for me?”



Here is a laundry tip for mothers with a large family:  KEEP DOING IT.  No matter what, do your laundry every day, even weekends.  Go around the house in the morning and pick up any dirty clothes, take sheets off a bed or two, pick up towels in the bathroom and gather up the kitchen laundry, too.  Remember to wash coats and jackets every once in a while, too.  If I keep up with the laundry I only have to do, at the most, three loads a day, and sometimes only two.  I wait until they are all washed and dried and then I stand at the couch and fold everything (or, I have a child do the folding).  As soon as they are folded they are put away in the proper place.  I’m usually all done with laundry by 1 o’clock every day.







Snowflake photography next to the open door of a snowy day.



Quiet moments during Seth and Sarah’s nap time.


My latest thrift store book:  Things to Make and Do, full of doable, cute crafts for little ones.  We made puffets!



The living room toy basket.



Our stack of reading by the armchair.




The fire is so delightful.

And since we’ve no place to go,

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.



More snow pictures from the front porch.






When Seth woke up we played his sock monkey game from Grandma.

Someone hides the monkey while the other one covers their eyes.  Then, we read the questions in the game for clues to where it could be.  Then, we GO LOOK.



Once, I hid the sock monkey in my plant.



Seth looked and looked.


And looked.  Finally, he found it!


He was so happy.  Then, it was his turn to hide it.

But when it’s my turn to look he cannot stand the suspense and usually tells me where it is before I can find it.





The boys came home in the snow.



Caleb spent the evening reading his book and finally finished it.  The smile.





Tuesday:  This was the view this morning from the porch, at about 7:30am.  Fog was drifting toward me from over the trees, as the sun rose.  And the trees were heavy with snow.

The children had school at the regular time but there are rumors of a snow storm tonight and a possible snow day, tomorrow.

I’m writing this in the bathroom while Seth splashes and sings in the bathtub.

Happy Tuesday!



Oh, I almost forgot to show you the puffets!

(They are really puppets but Seth and Sarah don’t say it right).




10 thoughts on “home

  1. The snow pictures are so beautiful! I know you are probably tired of it, though. I watch the forecast for our other place everday to see if they are getting snow, and wishing I could be there when they do!

    I don’t know how you are able to do all that you do, and still find time to make ‘puffets’ and play games with the kids. I admire you for that. The children won’t remember whether the laundry was done, or whether the house was clean…they’ll remember those special times that you spent with them, and they will be better adults for it.

    That pizza looks SO delicious!

  2. Seth is so cute showing you where to find the monkey. Those simple games are my favorite. I am inspired to go do some laundry. Even with just the three of us it piles up and I think I make it too much of a chore. Love seeing the beautiful, peaceful looking snow! The last couple days after a rainstorm (finally!) have been super beautiful, everything all washed clean.

  3. That sock monkey game looks sweet – I bet Reese would like that. And your comment about the chickens not coming out because they were barefoot made me smile!!

    Always so much activity round there! Fun fun!!!

    Happy birthday to David!

  4. Yes, about the laundry. Because if you stop for one day or even, heaven forbid, 2 days, you’re nothing but sorry! And it multiplies.

    I’m in that boat right now.

    Love your pictures and your sock monkey hunt. 😀

  5. That pizza looks delicious!
    The cake was chocolate, yum, and just enough.
    I always like hearing about the chickens. 🙂
    I remember paperbag puppet making. Good times, when kids did more than just watch tv or play electronic games. Your family is awesome for having some old fashioned qualities, and there is so much love.
    Happy belated 5th bday to Seth. My bday is tomorrow, but I’m not saying here how old I am. It’s more than five 5’s, but less than 10. 😉

  6. I can’t believe that Seth is 5! I remember when you announced you were pregnant with him. What a handsome young man he is growing into. 🙂

    Gorgeous snow pictures. I LOVE the fog hanging over the woods…so beautiful.
    It’s snowing here right now..we’re not supposed to get too much accumulation though.
    Which is fine since we already have so much on the ground!

    Happy Wednesday to you. 🙂

  7. perfect laundry tip. so profound I could apply it to ALOT of things. 🙂
    that interactive sock monkey book sounds cute! and puffets?! I’m guessing that you dmight not mind that they say it that way. so cute. I remember when Jacob would say panpakes instead of pancakes. I would warn the older children not to correct him. With all of his years of speech therapy and speaking so correctly I wanted that one thing! lol.

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