content (written in NH)

My body sinks into the couch. My nerves are smooth peace. My muscles are soft. My feet are warm in socks and loose slippers. I’m wearing a thick sweater and sweatpants. “Down shifting” is my personal term for a busy person starting to relax, it takes some time but down we go. For years I was going going going. And now even when I’m busy I can be calm. Going through EMDR therapy last year changed my life. Radically. I am an all-around healthier woman. I knew what I wanted, knew it shouldn’t be that hard, and was finally handed the keys to the abundant life. Trauma therapy. Education. Experience. Growth.

I’ve been crushed, but I rose again.
-found at a thrift shop today-
Lunch with the darlings
Used books
I chose this one for the author—anyone recognize her? Also—the cover. I already started it. A world within.
Savoring and loving my little touches to our cabin, like this mirror and the prism hanging. (I love mirrors and prisms, don’t you?)
(Through the screen photo)
Treasured old Cookbooks from my dear Kara, and a vintage paint by number. Soy candle.
Signed old photography
Leaning over the porch railing
Cozy books. I’ve never stopped writing, even during the times I couldn’t write here on my blog. Naps. Wool blankets.
Dishes I’ve collected – mostly restaurant ware. All creams and browns and whites. Some with pink borders.
Staying hydrated with ice cold lemon cucumber water.
Caleb and Seth exploring the lake
Leaning over the porch railing, again.

I made a tossed salad for dinner. We have floury rolls and butter to go with it. Rich got the hot tub ready and Sarah’s about to go enjoy that. The boys are playing video games downstairs. It’s been a lovely day and it’s still only 6:30pm.

NOTHING can separate us from the love of God. If life is too hard right now, search and seek your answers. You will find them. He wants you to thrive and enjoy this life.

I love you, friends.

PS. She wrote Johnny Tremain.

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