NH to CT

It took a Sarah and I seven hours. I’m laughing so hard. We drove separately from the boys and stopped many times:

1. A thrift store in Tilton, NH called Tilton Village Thrift. It was one of those quaint towns where Main Street has shops all up and down with parking on the slant in fronts of them. It was a little over 30 mins from our cabin and it was a first time visit. Cash only so we held hands and walked to the ATM in a nearby gas station. We bought some treasures and then checked out a consignment boutique down the sidewalk where Sarah found a gray Champion hoodie and I a silver ring with a purple stone.

Wearing rings is secretly a way I feel safe, like armor. Silly but helpful. A grounding technique, I put them on to face the day so to speak.

2. We were hungry and were told that a good place to eat was the Tilt’n Diner. It was about 10 minutes from the thrift store. It was pink!! There was a 15 minute wait for a table but we were able to sit in the car because they took my number and called when the table was ready. The waitress was friendly. I had coffee and Sarah had coke. We read our books while we waited for our food. She had Mac n cheese and I had a Philly steak sandwich. We saved room for dessert: chocolate layer cake for her and coconut cream pie for me. They make their own potato chips there. The fries were crispy and the coffee was perfect diner coffee. We enjoyed the atmosphere and decor very much.

3. With full bellies we drove to another new (to us) place called Antiques on Elm, in Manchester, NH. I didn’t have nearly enough time to see it all. It was a great antique place with lots of vendors and a great building. Good lighting, heated, and something for everyone. Friendly staff, calm vibe. We found some great things at nice prices. I will definitely stop again.

This hand painted folk art plate was my favorite find today. I just love strawberries on things.
In fact I also found a strawberry tile trivet for my eBay shop.

4. Starbucks

5. Gas station for bathroom break and a bag of combos to munch during the last half hour to home.

Seth said “What took you so long?? Were you driving like a granny?” Caleb brought my stuff inside and ate my leftovers. Rich gave me a hug. I could tell they were all glad to have me back home again.

We are all settled, I’m in bed while they watch Outer Banks together in the living room. I’m in here because I would much rather read. I’m putting aside my current read to read a book that came in the mail while I was gone. It’s called Behind the Dress by Christine Faour, “One woman’s life in a religious cult and the healing that came after.” It will be a quick but interesting book for my ongoing personal education of cults, high control groups, and abuse of any kind. Sounds pretty grim, but the education is necessary so I can be aware for myself and my family.

Much love! I hope you all had a lovely Sunday. I would enjoy hearing from you and any little interesting part of your day if you would like to share. Are you reading a good book? Do you like strawberry plates? Do you eat in pink diners? Do you hug your daughter in the middle of thrift stores?

9 thoughts on “NH to CT

  1. You make me smile! You find so many fun little things. Glad you have this time together with your family! Today we went to church then out to lunch with friends at a Mexican restaurant. Went to a shower for a sweet girl getting married and then came home and took a nap. Ate so much at the Mexican restaurant that I just had a small bowl of cereal for dinner 😉Could you send me the link to your eBay shop? I would love to see the items you have for sale. I’m listening to books on Audible. Listened to one by Jenna Bush Hager she wrote about her grandparents. Loved hearing it
    Have a nice week!

    • Hi! Your day sounds absolutely lovely and my family all loves Mexican. Bridal showers are fun, and I hear you on the cereal. Eating out always gets me soooo full. Listening to books is something I like to do on long car rides….


      This link should work for the eBay. Thank you so much for writing and smiling and enjoying and sharing!! Hugs

  2. I just love you and reading about your days. Your new ring is beautiful. I’ve been sick in bed for two days. So it’s a treat to read your blog and instagram.

    • I just love you too! I hope you feel better ASAP. I’m so sorry you’re sick and thank you for complimenting my new ring. It’s on the window sill right now, I had to take it off while I was doing kitchen work today. I went to goodwill earlier and also groceries, we might have a snow day tomorrow!

  3. Hey there! I love your blog, been a reader for a long time, also enjoy your IG page…I love thrifting, antiquing for treasures, coffee shops, libraries & REAL books☕️📚the color green, my birthstone is the emerald💚⚜️🍀I take a Holy Yoga class @ the Methodist church I attend & love it🧘🏻‍♀️📖, praising God for His goodness always🙌DA & RA survivor💜💕✝️🕊💕😊😁

    • Is RA rheumatoid arthritis? And is DA domestic abuse? Oh I just love your little note here—we have so much we could talk about. How fun, a May birthday just like Sarah. And holy yoga??? That sounds wonderful. I’ve often thought I would enjoy yoga. REAL books, I know just what you mean. My kindle didn’t get much use and now lives in GA. Ha ha —what do you like to order at the coffee shops? Today I got a nitro cold brew w cinnamon caramel cold foam on top. It was annoying to order (lol) but tasted yummy.

      • Yes, domestic & the other is religious abuse. I’m in therapy for both☺️
        I believe you’d enjoy yoga. It can be very therapeutic.
        In HY the lights are dimmed, a judgement free zone, praise music & hymns are streaming all while my instructor opens w/prayer, scripture reading, guiding us through poses, breathing techniques, a bible devotion, then ending in prayer. I absolutely love this hour once a week.
        I volunteer in the food pantry at the church as well. God is faithful and full of grace.
        Favorite coffee shop drinks, depending on the weather are a hot chi tea latte w/almond milk & cinnamon or an unsweet iced green tea or an iced swamp water which tastes like a rainbow snowcone on steroids & has two gummy frogs in the bottom of the cup, so delish🐸🐸💚🍀

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