and even better

“I’d say you’ll do best by filling your minds and meditations on things true, noble, reputable, authentic, compelling, gracious.” Philippians 4:8-9

Yesterday I ended up not having the time to write….I had Bible Study at 10 downtown at the Methodist church. I go every week along with about five other ladies. The five other ladies average the age of about 85, it’s absolutely the highlight of my life currently. They are my inspiration. And part of the reason why I stopped dying my hair.

I went grocery shopping, and then ate lunch at home while watching the bird feeders outside the window. I have a rocking chair near enough to put my feet up in the windowsill. The afternoon sun shines in and usually a cat or two comes to watch the birds with me.

I went for a walk. I couldn’t resist collecting a few bottles and cans I found on the side of the road. I ended up with an armful and most were beer, so I wrapped my sweater around them, prompting Seth and Sarah to ask when I got back, “what is it? A cat? A dog?” Always wanting another pet to love…. Boy were they surprised to see it was empty cans. I jokingly call returning bottles and cans my “other side hustle”. I mean, it adds up! Ya know?

And then dearest Caleb had his last band concert. We got there early and as usual I couldn’t take my eyes off my son, in a sea of other children, I only saw him. The drummer boy. Spinning his sticks around. By the end Rich and I both had tears in our eyes, and his were rolling down his cheeks. So many years of these band performances and now they are over. I wonder if he will ever join a band ever again? It was hard for me to keep him in the HS band. I would NOT let him quit. He said he hated it. I can’t believe that’s entirely true. He did admit it looked good on his college transcript, to say he participated in four years of HS band.

He’s always drumming. Even my back is a drum when we hug.

This morning I took him to school. After that I drove to the store to get things for the kids for our road trip to NH this afternoon. I mailed boxes for eBay (china, glasses, and books) and talked to my sister on the phone on the way home.

I’ve been packing for the weekend. Trying to also think of myself and what I want to bring just for me. Books, tea, slippers, my robe, magazines, pens pencils and markers and my notebook. My headphones. I’m certainly not going to go and be everyone’s cook and cleaner and it’s just so lovely to have grown children to be with, I love this stage of life I’m in. Caleb is bringing his friend Dylan so it’s a nice even foursome of children. And Sarah the only girl. It works out just fine. She gets her own room. (Wink wink—yes it’s a bone of contention).

I enjoy keeping busy. By the end of the day I enjoy the tired feeling of a satisfying day. I’ve been sleeping so well, deeply with dreams.

Yesterday at Bible Study we were focused on Psalm 91; (I feminized it)

“Because she holds fast to me in love,

I will deliver her,

I will protect her,

because she knows my name.

When she calls to me, I will answer her;

I will be with her in trouble;

I will rescue her and honor her.

With long life I will satisfy her and

show her my salvation.” Ps. 91:14-16

And these promises are true, absolutely true and comforting like the most comfortable place you can imagine and even better than that. Reading the words, or listening to them being read out loud (I like to play the audio Message Bible as I work), changes our inward being. For me it’s a feeling deep peace and joy and love. Belonging to God and having Him care for me fills my soul with glorious light. I want to stay close to Him always and each moment.

Bird watching
Collecting trash….someday I’ll remember to take a bag!!!!
Wrapping up eBay sales
Leaving the school after the band concert last night
A selfie in the car as I was out and about yesterday

Happy weekend,

We are so loved.

2 thoughts on “and even better

  1. Shanda,
    I cried with you guys over Caleb’s last concert. There are so many lasts and firsts and lasts, all worth a few good tears! You inspire me every day!!

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