Today I took Caleb for his follow up appointment regarding his knee which he injured during states (for wrestling). The doctor is recommending stitching the slightly torn meniscus together so it can heal properly. He was impressed that Caleb did as well as he did at states, placing sixth after twisting his knee and wrestling two more matches after hurting it. Caleb was relieved to know that all the caution was worthwhile, his wrestling ended that day for the season, and he has no choice but to miss spring sports.

After the appointment we went to IHOP because, as always, he was hungry. He’s the child who doesn’t ask for anything but food (or money, for food). If he sees me or even senses me in the house he finds me and tells me he’s so hungry. It’s half funny and half true, he’s a growing 17 year old, a senior this year in High School. I can’t hardly believe it. Rich is taking him to visit Liberty University at the end of this month.

We sat across from each other and had coffee and breakfast. It was lovely. He’s a very easy going, calm, unruffled personality. much like his Dad. I can depend on him if I remember if he’s home (because he’s quiet). As I ate my bacon and eggs I thought about how good it was to have one on one time with him and how next year it will be so different to have him away at school. No matter the personality, each one of my darlings are a huge part of my heart. So our breakfast together, “thanks” to an injured meniscus, was something I held dear and close to my heart as another memory to save and keep. My favorite Caleb in the universe.

“What we have once enjoyed we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes a part of us.” – Helen Keller

7 thoughts on “Meniscus

  1. Zach had meniscus surgery in high school. He was back playing soccer in 2 weeks (I think he should have stayed out just a little longer😉) can’t keep those boys down for long!

  2. hi shanda…….praying all heals well for caleb. and how exciting he’s visiting Liberty – you know my sons went/go there! the campus is nothing short of gorgeous 🙂

  3. Didn’t your 3 older sons all attend Castleton, & he’s not interested in following there? What is the item on his breakfast plate, possibly covered in gravy? Scrapple or ponhaus? Appears your breakfasts were good.

    • Castleton is on his list too! Yes, Jacob and Ethan went there. David went to college in New Haven.

      As far as his breakfast, that is chicken fried steak.

  4. Caleb might also look at High Point University. It’s between Winston-Salem and Greensboro, NC. My niece went there.

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