The kids had early dismissal today and Rich worked from home. I spent some time in the morning downstairs listing Easter things on my eBay shop, and then I wrapped up a (vintage, 1st edition) book to mail. After the post office I went along to Goodwill where I found some “brown drip glaze” Hull plates to bring home to sell, and some other odds and ends. Then a quick trip into the grocery store for dinner ingredients (tuna noodle casserole) and a sandwich lunch to eat as I drove. By the time I got back at 11:45 the children were home. Rich was making a big salad, and Sarah asked me to go get a friend of hers so they could giggle all afternoon. Back into the car I went, and on my way I stopped at an egg stand that I’ve been meaning to visit. Over the last six months we have lost all of our hens and ducks to wild predators and my heart can’t take the pain of losing anymore so at this time we have no plans to replace them. Thankfully there are people who sell extra eggs and today I found some selling for five dollars a dozen. It was a place right next to the main road into town, an easy driveway to maneuver, and the eggs were all stacked in a small refrigerator type cupboard with handwritten notes all over it like “smile you’re being videotaped” and “empty egg cartons needed”—in a man’s handwriting I’m fairly certain. Being sold using the “honor system” I threw in my ten dollars and selected two cartons and went on my way without seeing a single soul.

I was completely charmed? aghast? at the eggs. I personally can’t imagine putting chicken poop covered eggs out to sell, or a dozen minus one egg filled carton either. But the smell of unwashed eggs was nostalgic and I had to smile. Plus, the variety. I am especially pleased with the dark browns. All in all, I am completely grateful to have an egg supplier three miles from home.

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