keep going

In order to keep going, she had to stop and rest now and then.

*I sat on the beach this morning, utterly fascinated by this elderly woman walking the beach with her cane.

4 thoughts on “keep going

  1. Is she barefoot? That’s the very best path to take when you’re walking the beach – the edge of the water. I could use a good beach about now.

  2. Beautiful shot. I love pictures that capture me. I can understand why you were fascinated. I was wondering when we were going to get some beach shots. I was curious about this place and looked it up on the internet. What a wonderful way to spend a summer. 🙂

    Hope today was a good one for you.

  3. hi shanda…….wow, i love that line. so true for all of us, right? and i love her tall, straight posture with her head looking up. we can all take away something from that too 🙂

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