Just a quick post to say hellllllllllo to my friends here in blog-land.

We are still on Jekyll Island in our cottage. Rich and Seth are cleaning and organizing the garage. Rich bought two paddleboats and needed to hang brackets on the wall to hang them up safely. I went out to check on them and found Seth using the power drill (for the first time) under his Dad’s guidance. I am very thankful for the blessing of a good father for our seven…….what always impresses me the most is his instant belief that once they are taught they WILL DO IT RIGHT. He had Seth drill in a screw for him and the the next one he let Seth do by himself WITHOUT HOVERING OVER HIM waiting for him to make a mistake.

Inside, I made homemade blueberry muffins (1 dozen), roasted sausages, and hard boiled eggs for breakfast//brunch. Caleb is still asleep. I have a radio station called “Hymns and Favorites” playing through the speakers, and a soy candle lit on the counter. The dishwasher is softly washing the dishes and I am getting ready to put clean sheets on our bed that I freshly washed this morning. So we have a lovely atmosphere inside, too.

The kitten is alive and well and getting plump! Thank you for praying for her, she is Sarah’s particular friend and they spend hours together every day. I will post photos soon, I hope.

Anyway, I wanted to show you something that amused me as I scrolled through instagram this week.

first; from a bird account:

And then, from taproot, a post about a knitting pattern:

I had to keep going back and forth, it was so charming to me.

you get me?

5 thoughts on “yellow

  1. I’m so glad to hear the kitty is well, and I always love hearing about your day.You describe things in such a way that that even the simplest of things is captivating. How I wish I was there to share that brunch, and then later, to sit on the beach being inspired while watching elderly and stoic ladies persevere against all odds and difficulties. Riding in a paddle boat would be the icing on the cake. 🙂

    Being a good teacher is a gift and a calling. I admire those same things in my husband, too, as I don’t have that gift (as much as I want it.)

    Those two pics are an amazing example of synchronicity. 🙂

    It’s so good to read your blog, sweet friend. I’m glad that all is well.

  2. Shanda, So happy to hear from you today. This morning I was thinking about you and your family. I’ve missed your daily posts and was praying that you all were well. I’m glad to hear that the little kitten is doing well. What a great Dad Rich is. Have a blessed Sunday and enjoy your time in SC.

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