what the five boys have been up to

First of all, Ethan left for work yesterday in the rain and then called 20 minutes later to tell us he was in an accident. Rich left right away to go help him and then when they were on the way home he called and said Ethan was fine but had a small gash on his head and his truck was totalled. What happened was a car pulled out in front of him and he had to slam on the brakes, his truck spun around, swerved and went into the other lane and was broadsided by another car (and that person went to the hospital with minor injuries). He was of course shaken up and sad. He spent the rest of the day at home and his Dad helped him get all the preliminary calls made for insurance and such. As I observed, I thought, “This is why Dads need a card or even more on Father’s Day.”

Ethan wanted to see his gash so I took a photo (with flash) for him.

an excellent father

Rich has been working from home a lot and has cut down on his business trips and hasn’t travelled at all in a month or more. The other day we were heading out for a late breakfast at the Millpond (featured a few posts back) and decided to stop and surprise Seth (son #5) by picking him up from school. He looked SO worried when he came to the office and saw both his parents waiting, he was even flushed. It was adorable when, after I explained to him that we wanted him with us for Sethie time, his face changed from worry to pride and joy. Throughout the rest of the day (he didn’t go back to school) he would ask now and then why we got him just so he could hear again, “We missed you and wanted to spend time with our Seth.”

We went for cones and a walk around town and stopped to relax by the noisy water. The sound basically puts one into a stuper right away.

He ended up with my phone. Rich took the photo and I had to laugh because I’m doing my typical *without even thinking about it* mom thing and feeling his face. He says I “always do it” and I say… “I guess it’s a mom’s way of doing a little ‘check up'”.

This was on another day with just Rich and I and Seth. He had baseball practice and afterwards we picked him up and found ourselves at the Millpond…again….Seth couldn’t sit still after his frozen Twix ice cream bar and was standing next to me playing with my hair which was pulled up in a bun and pinned back with bobby pins. Rich said, “Seth sit down and leave your mom alone.” and I said, “Oh, I don’t mind at all! I like it!” and then he felt liberated enough to take my hair completely down with the remark, “You sure put a lot of things in your hair to get ready in the morning.”

Moving on to son #4. (cries, cries, sobs, etc) who had his 8th grade promotion on Friday and got all dressed up so handsome and look he’s taller than his mama.

The evening before, Ethan helped put the outfit together. Caleb ended up wearing his own shirt which choked him around the neck because it was a tiny bit snug, his brother Ethan’s pants, his brother David’s shoes, and his Dad’s tie. I’m not sure about the belt and I think he wore his own underwear but one can never be sure when there are three boys in the family who wear the same size. Grace took the photo while I was crying in the corner of the couch over the beauty of the moment (slight over-dramatization).

He stayed for the dance afterwards and I could not wait to ask him if he actually danced and he said, “Yes, I danced seven times with girls because they asked me to and I didn’t want to say no.” He had a good time and was checking the blog the other day to see if I had posted anything about his special night. Say hi to him in the comments, maybe? 😉

This poem was on the program:

What is Success?

What is Success?
To laugh often and much;
To win the respect of intelligent people
and the affection of children;
To earn the appreciation of honest critics
and endure the betrayal of false friends;
To appreciate beauty;
To find the best in others;
To leave the world a bit better, whether by
A healthy child, a garden patch
or a redeemed social condition;
To know even one life has breathed
easier because you have lived;
This is to have succeeded.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

David and Ethan went for a walk with us. They have been such great pals since Ethan got home for the summer and they love to hang out and work out together. They talk easily about interesting topics. When they are in the gym (upstairs in our garage) we can hear them singing loudly to their music.

I picked up David (#3) from school the other day and he found a gallon of milk in the back that I had accidentally left in the car over the long weekend. It was swollen with sourness. I was VERY VERY annoyed with myself and wanted to give it to the chickens but no one agreed with me because no one wanted to go give it to them and have to smell the milk.

I picked him up from school on another day and got this cute video while we waited for his friend to come out of the house (and spend the afternoon with David at our house). David has a girlfriend now. (I am in denial)

Jacob (son #1) is working as an intern at his Dad’s place of employment (so is Ethan, #2)). He comes home hungry and ready to eat, read his latest Steven King book, hang out with his girlfriend, and play video games. He also is ready and willing to take his siblings here or there (last night he took Sarah to piano lessons).

He was most excited to go to our annual library book sale with me last week and found a box of books to bring home.

He is such a good good good young man if I do say so.

Last but not least 2 of the boys are also up to playing BASEBALL. Caleb had his last game last night (see the beautiful moon in the beautiful blue sky?) He did not play very well and when we were driving home I realized what the problem was.

He was exhausted.

I turned to my husband and said, “Rich, Caleb is sleeping.” And he said, “So is Seth.”

So we smiled as we drove home with our very tired boys.

Because our hearts are happy. Because we love them. Because we are proud of them.

“Correct your son, and he will give you comfort; he will also delight your soul.”
Proverbs 29:17

10 thoughts on “what the five boys have been up to

  1. <3. I've only read 1 Steven King book. Well, I read his book on writing, which is very good. It might be called "On Writing," I'm not sure. But I get creeped out in the beginning of his novels and cannot do it.

    BUT … I absolutely LOVE The Stand. Have you read it? I read it several times in my early twenties. The symbolism and characterization are so, so good. You should try it.

    I remember the night Adana called hysterical over her car accident. The same reason: an SUV pulled out in front of her. She flipped the guy over and totaled her car. She has a spinal disk injury as a result. booh. Hope Ethan feels better soon and gets the horrible, horrible insurance over with.

  2. So glad Ethan was not hurt bad! How scary!

    I always forget our boys are around the same age—Caleb and David both going in the 9th grade… crazy! 🥴

    Sweet post again friend! ❤️

    • HUGS!!! The insurance adjuster looked at the truck and told us we were very fortunate that he wasn’t seriously injured. It really hit home to us how much we have to be thankful for in this situation. I think I need to buy bubble wrap in bulk!!

  3. So glad no one was hurt badly, well except the truck, so sorry Ethan! Caleb has grown into such a handsome young man – off to high school next year, they really must stop growing up so fast.

  4. That’s an impressive looking head injury! Most of my kids were in minor accidents during their teen years. God does send angels to watch over our children. what handsome young men you are raising. I like the Emerson quote.

  5. I am SOOOOOOOO sad about E’s truck, it was SUCH a cool truck!!! Poor poor E. Caleb looked very handsome indeed! Very sweet shot of E helping him with the tie! I enjoyed the video with David, I have always loved his personality!

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