in the pond I go

This weekend I was on my tummy on the dock resting and trying to achieve a zen state. It wasn’t too hard, the mesmerizing pond was just underneath me, I could see fish and bugs and pretty patterns on top of the water. Rich was next to me already in a perfect zen state; he was sleeping. I got restless and had to use the bathroom so I woke him up to tell him I would be right back. It wasn’t rude, it was because I was thoughtful and wanted to make sure if he woke up while I was gone he would not worry that I had 1)fallen in the pond and drowned or 2) ran away. He made a noise so I knew he heard me but he didn’t wake up.

Well…………I had bought myself a necklace from Brighton, it was so pretty and I was wearing it for days and days, it had two dangling pieces on it and when I got up to run to the house one of the dangly pieces ripped off the necklace and got stuck tightly between the cracks in the wooden boards of the dock. I was dismayed. I couldn’t get it out with my fingers, either. So there it sat, because somehow I forgot to tell Rich what happened, until the next day when I remembered and took him over to show him.

It wasn’t there anymore. Even though I had thought it was wedged tightly, somehow it got loose and fell into the waters below rather like Anne’s story of the amethyst brooch. But this was no story. I was annoyed but determined to find it when I had the time to do so.

Well, today I found myself by the pond looking at a shabby bug and then, as these chains of events so often happen, I THEN found myself on the dock trying to peer through the cracks to see if I could locate the lost chain. AND THEN, I took off my shoes and socks so I could walk down the bank and get a closer look. And….yes….after walking carefully and squinting into the cold water I could just make out (if I concentrated) what I thought was my missing necklace fragment. However, the water was now just to reaching the hem of my (pure) white shorts, so before I could get the necklace I decided to take them off right there by the edge of the pond. I went swimming today! But by swimming I mean wading, really. In waist deep water, I reached down with my toes and grabbed the necklace, lifting it up out of the water along with other stuff like mud and old bits of twigs. I was amazed I got it in the first try and was filled with joy. I even took photos of everything like a good little blogger.

The curiously shabby insect. I believe it was probably just born and trying to dry out it’s wings and body.

After staring through the cracks, I took my shoes and socks off.

It was hard to see anything at all.

I was under the dock. By the way, aren’t my teeth looking nice? (Invisalign)

It was on top of the mud next to the pole of the dock.

Here it is!! Along with what looks like a pond-soaked pine needle.

When I sent the photos to my husband he said, “I didn’t want to discourage you yesterday when you mentioned it–but I thought ‘there’s no way she’s finding that.'” I’m always doing things to surprise my husband, just ask him.

After I got out of the pond I looked around to make sure it was safe and decided to make a run for it and just keep my shorts in my hand. It was surprisingly exhilerating.

Streakers, I understand you.


(a few hours later)

now look at the dock!

David and his friend put the trampoline on it. I’m scared.

14 thoughts on “in the pond I go

  1. Lol, this is hilarious. Don’t ya just love the benefits of living in the country?! Glad you found it. When I was a girl, we used to drag our trampoline beside the house and then climb to the roof using a ladder so we could jump off the roof onto the trampoline for a good bounce. Pond jumping sounds even more fun. Welcome Summer!

  2. ha ha you’re fun! Good thing no delivery man drove up the driveway right then as you ran toward the front door in nothing but your knickers. HA HA!

  3. So happy that you found your necklace ..I hate to loose a piece of jewelry …I have lots of just one earring and keep them ..don’t ask me why ha! ha! ….I love your teeth …I wish I could do that too …Your boys are so brave …there is no way in the world that I could jump in to the lake like that Happy Days

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