“fresh air is good for a country girl”

Make me walk
along the path of your commands,
for that is where
my happiness is found.
Psalm 119:35

My little niece, Elena, came for a visit on Friday.

She drank out of fiestaware!

Good morning, friends!
How are you?
How was your weekend?
Mine was great, some slightly rough emotional parts, but other than a few episodes of crying it out of my system…..it was full of all the things I love most; family, nature, pets, reading, laughter, conversation, God, and love.

Sherlock the cat absolutely loves to sleep on my scrapbook.

I finished this 2018 Newbery Honor book and it was EXCELLENT. It is set in medieval times, which is one of my favorite time periods to immerse my reading self into.

I recently read the 2018 winner and in my opinion, The Book of Boy was a better story and should have won. Now I am reading the other Honor book and I’ll let you know how I feel it compares.

the other honor book for 2018; so far, so good

I am still greatly enjoying my decision to read every Newbery winner and honor book, it has expanded my reading world immensely.

Our son Ethan came home on Friday with something terribly wrong with his truck so Rich (highly gifted in mechanics) spent the weekend figuring it out and yesterday had success in fixing it. He and Ethan even posted a youtube video explaining the problem because he had so much trouble finding a solution online. Anyway, I thought this sight was amusing this weekend as I walked back to the house with chicken eggs in my overall pockets.

I wanted to show you photos of our favorite local country store, which is listed as a historical building. We have to drive past this store on our way to Little League games and we stop once or twice a week to get drinks or sandwiches. It’s utterly charming.

Millpond Country Store, named for the huge pond behind the building and where lots of people picnic or fish all summer.

There is a sunny dining area off the back with another entrance and very often there is a table or two of older gray haired gentlemen visiting together.

I always admire the amazing uneven wooden floors and close quartered shelves of snacks and stuff.

again with the floors

(one of the older gray haired gentlemen)

There is a deli and they offer made-to-order sandwiches along with ice cream cones, as well.

I love the lemon ginger scones.

My dear husband

While our sandwiches are being prepared I like to smell all the candles. 🙂

And of course there is a swinging squeaking screen door that slams behind you as you come and go.

We took our baseball player a chocolate milk. Rich and I sat and ate our food and watched as Seth went around the bases little by little and then finally sliding into home and hurting his knee when the ball was thrown to home (hitting him in the knee). He has a huge bruise and is still trying to limp (because he thinks its cool). He wore a knee brace to school today (unnecessary) and is going on a field trip but he “doesn’t remember where.”

He was ready for school half an hour early this morning so I sent him straight outside to play while waiting for the bus. “You’re obviously trying to get rid of me”, he said.

got my nails done!

Home sweet Home

Sarah had a friend come over and play on Saturday afternoon and they swam in the pond.

Rich and I went for a walk with Caleb and Grace and I got this nice photo of Caleb who has his 8th grade promotion on Friday. (can’t fathom it) He was the baby of the family when I started blogging.

pretty wildflower spotted on the side of the road

We snuck downtown for ice cream, just the two of us. My son Caleb put the flower in my hair during our earlier in the evening walk (heartmelts)

I had a strawberry sundae with strawberry cheesecake ice cream and it was so good.

I was also quite cute.

I didn’t take as many photos on Sunday but I did get this one of Seth playing tennis ball catch using a POTHOLDER from my kitchen as a glove.

We planted this lilac bush years ago and it’s so big and fluffy and lovely now.

It’s so pretty with the other bush balancing it out on the other side of the path. The open window is the kitchen and we can smell the lilacs from inside the house.

Maybe today I will get photos of the butterflies and things that visit the blossoms. I saw a hummingbird moth the other night fluttering around it.

Kids playing at the end of the day.

Rich took these two photos of me. The first is me looking at a bug when we were walking up at the dam. I was also checking on the wild roses and strawberries.

And then yesterday evening we went to the school so he could run at the track (we asked the children if they wanted to come but they all seven of them said no). I had already done my walking for the day so I took my book bag and a quilt that I made myself and did some reading.

He sent me a song from the track, you’ll have to go to youtube and take a listen: Haywire by Josh Turner. “First time I saw her in them cut off jeans I knew that I’d be in for a treat…..” “…and that country girl is good for my heart”

Happy Monday friends, you are loved.

“The teaching of your Word gives light, so even the simple can understand…

…come and show me your mercy, as you do for all who love your name.”

Psalm 119:130 & 132

20 thoughts on ““fresh air is good for a country girl”

  1. Oh Shanda I am in love with your country store. One of my favorite things is little 5 and dime stores that are years old like yours. Thank you so much for showing all the pictures of it!!!! It made my heart happy. I hope you have a wonderful day!!! Brenda

  2. I too thought those baby arms look delicious. And you’re a hot mamma and a cute one and one that looks for bugs. So that makes you cool too. Sarah

  3. I finally did it! I was able to read and see the pictures too! I’m so happy, and I’m laughing at the potholder ball glove too.

  4. I so wish we had a country store like that around here with the swinging, banging door! I found your blog through Dawn R. back when we all had xanga and have been loving your posts ever since. You are a real joy and encourage me to enjoy the simple pleasures in my life and children. Thank you for sharing your ups and downs with us…it makes this roller coaster of life easier knowing we’re in it together!

  5. Love that store. Reminds me of my childhood growing up in southern Ohio. There were no big stores back then. All mom and pop type places like your sweet store with the wooden floors..
    There was a Kroger 25 miles away that we did go to once in awhile. I remember that my mother bought deals there….10 cans of beans for a dollar and such things.
    Love the quilt, too! I have been working on table runners using charm packs that I bought in Amish country – Lancaster County, PA a couple of weeks ago. Less daunting than a large quilt. Also takes less time to put together.
    I have an envie of journal fodder for you. Still adding pieces to it. One of these days, I will get it in the mail. I have one for JO, too. Still prepping them. I am a pokey one these days. SO pokey.
    Have a good week. D xo

  6. We have a similar country store nearby, also a historical building! The kids love to go there for bulk candy.
    It’s lovely to see photos of your home life. I’ve “watched” (on your blog) the comings and goings for years and have always thought it was so lovely…like a dream home to raise kids, with the pond and chickens! If you ever feel energetic enough…would love to see a home tour. 🙂
    I’m glad you’re feeling better!
    PS: you look amazing lately
    PPS: cute photo of the boys half swallowed by the truck! Is it all fixed?

  7. I have found your site again! I’ve enjoyed so much watching your family grow & all your fun happenings, for a long time. I admire how you create beauty in the little things as you nurture your children & love your husband.
    Keep it up – some day you’ll be living on grandchildren like I now am.

  8. HI Shanda …what a beautiful little girl ..your photo’s are amazing ..being a cat Mum to Bella and Toby ..I just love the photo of the cat our Toby looks very similar and he is around 18 years old …Bella is 8 …I just love the old country store ..one of the things I just love in America ..we live rural and nature and wildlife is so very important to me ….every inch of the store shouts history …gorgeous ..You have inspired me to buy a lilac bush this Autumn…I have had Peonie bushes for the past 4 years and they are breathtaking I just wish they lasted all Summer long …happy days to you XX

    • You will love having a lilac bush. I have the one on the side of the house and when it’s done blooming the one in the front of the house is just starting to bloom, so it makes the season last longer.

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