kind things

“Everyday the Lord Himself is near me,
With a special mercy for each hour.”

We headed out. June 5, 2019. The three of us.

I had spent the evening before crying and crying. I can’t remember exactly why but I can say that 9 days later, I am feeling the emotional storm subsiding and it’s been days now since I’ve cried such tears.

Rich was home for the day and we decided to head out….get away, leave the house, go on a little road trip with our Grace. “Bookstore” is what we wanted and that’s what we got! He loves to spoil us.

Green, green, and more green. I do so love a good matcha latte.

We ended up in Washington, CT, the town that the writer of Gilmore Girls used to inspire the fictional town of Stars Hollow. The Hickory Stick Bookshop inspired Stars Hollow Books.

(As an aside, I can only tolerate Gilmore Girls in small doses. Grace loves the show and we watch it together for maybe a few days and then I need some time off.)

Grace was in her happy place.

It was a wonderful bookstore. I do so love the independant ones. I love Barnes and Noble, too, but every one of them is the same. Independant bookstores each have their own unique flavor and personality.

After perusing the entire children’s section looking for newbery books (I bought one from my list), I went and found my husband.

I chose these books.

Rich made me laugh because he had one of them giftwrapped for me. It was a good idea though because we got to see how they do it and I used the paper, ribbon, and sticker in my scrapbook.

We put our bag o’ books in the car and then, we had a nice lunch together.

Rich and I shared a piece of apple pie for dessert.

We did a little shopping (I bought tiny earrings that I put in the second hole in my ears and haven’t taken off since) and then drove home.

Isn’t “fly-by” photography fun?

all in all, a lovely day

We have made it, by the grace of God, to another Friday. I hope and pray my friends reading this have a blessed weekend. My parents are coming out for a visit and we have a church gathering on Sunday at our house during which Brittnee will be baptized in our pond. Stay tuned!

You are loved.

“There was a believer in Joppa named Tabitha. She was always doing kind things for others and helping the poor” Acts 9:36

9 thoughts on “kind things

  1. I am too late! I bought you the Oregon Trail book for your birthday and never sent it. I am horrible at getting to the post office. Plus I second guessed myself. The book just looked like something you would enjoy! Now we will have to do a mini book club and read it together. Love you! 🙂

      • I know – Kept seeing it on my dresser and thinking, I really should wrap it and send it to Shan. But then I would get busy with my day…now we can read it together 🙂 I was looking to see if maybe I could come out to CT on one of my 4 day weekends – but I think most of them are booked for the summer 😦

  2. I am sorry to hear about the tears and relieved to hear that it is getting better now. The bookstore and time with husband is always a soothing balm! I totally agree about independent bookstores, SO MUCH MORE PERSONALITY! I like the books you chose! I have been on the look out for tine earrings as well!

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