life itself is grace

4 thoughts on “life itself is grace”

  1. I wish I could have seen the musical. I have fond memories of playing in the Orchestra for Musicals in HS and College, and know the work that goes into these productions.

    May God bless you and your family as life continues to change and progress…and congrats to Grace.

  2. Am I Gonna get teary eyed after each post that involves Grace in the next months? 😢 Well it has already started! 🤗

  3. I just love everything about this post . I would much rather live in thankfulness than point out all the little things that may be not so nice in life. I know some people live in perpetual negativity… I honestly don’t know how they survive!! God has been good to me … I would much rather dwell on that and all the little ways that this is true! Have a blessed week shanda!

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