a teeny bit of home this morning

In a little yellow house in Connecticut, there is a family.  And in this family is a mom and a dad, along with a big sister, a big brother, a regular brother, a little brother, and a little sister.

(((There are also two bigger brothers but they are far far away, in Vermont.)))

Snow is blizzardly blowing around the house today, filling the darkened air with bits of white.

The dear dad is busy working from home.

Hi, I’m the mom.  And I literally just suggested to Grace and David to  “Go put together a pretzel.”

Then, Caleb came upstairs to tattle on Seth.

So I bought them a new movie (via a smart TV and amazon prime) to watch and now I’m in my room to do a quick blog and then go make lunch and gallons of popcorn……….

DSC_0407 1

Grace has been in this same spot all morning, blissfully reading, napping, looking at her phone, and petting the cat.  “I looooove himmmmmm” she purrs.

I decided to pick up the camera and take some photos but be aware that everywhere I look is life abundant in the form of stuff everywhere…not mess, but life….papers, coloring books, crayons, puzzles, stuffed animals, boots and shoes, dishes left out, a baseball glove or two or three, jackets, laundry to be folded, cereal boxes left out, a sock here and there, the smell of bacon, etc.

It’s all good!  It’s FAMILY!


They play together all the time and I most-of-the-time love it.  It’s constant laughing, problems, trying not to involve mom when working things out, and play.

(the dog yawns when he’s embarrassed and/or shy))


((The dog was anxious about Seth getting too close.))


Then, I sent the kids back about 7 feet and ((the dog was happy to have been released.))



Seth     Caleb     Sarah

8     11     6


I took a photo of him through the glass door.  He was on a conference call.  (those arms)



11:45 and look who just got up.  He told me that last night after everyone went to bed he made a frozen pizza and “ate the whole thing.”  To which I replied, “Sodium city” and he said, “Yeah.”


I guess it was the duct tape.

DSC_0439 2



DSC_0451 1



DSC_0458 1



A Happy SNOWY Tuesday from me to you.

you are loved

“At the end of the day people won’t remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.” ~Maya Angelou

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