the last of winter


Four nights ago, thanks to a text from my neighbor, we were able to see this amazing lunar halo around the moon.  It was so wide around that I almost couldn’t get it all in the picture.  It’s a beautiful sight that I won’t soon forget.  I learned that these halos mean that a storm is coming and indeed the children did have Friday off from school for a snow day and we have a storm coming tomorrow.


“It was a long cold winter for the birds and animals on the hill, but the little old man and the little old woman put out food for them until the warm spring came.  And that was the end of the BIG SNOW.”  ~ The Big Snow by Berta and Elmer Hader


I aimed my camera through the windows of the dining room, watching the birds, thinking thoughts.


“Well lived days are completed years, and the years well lived as they come make a life beautiful and full.  In such a life no special preparation of any kind is needed.  He who lives thus is always ready.  Each day prepares for the next, and the last day prepares for glory.”  JR Miller


“And is this heaven?  And am I there?
How short the road!  How swift the flight!
I am all life, all eye, all ear:
Jesus is here–my soul’s delight.”
~Isaac Watts


And today?  The children are at school.  Bright sun is shining but coldly and tomorrow we expect a snowstorm, another snow day?

These are the last frozen offerings of winter weather which will make the springtime thaw even more welcome.


There is a spot on the eaves which constantly drips, and it’s so cold outside that we have not a burning bush, but an ice covered one!  It’s so pretty when the sun shines through it.


Happy Monday, friends.
You are loved.

“Here in the shadow of God’s love forever I’ll abide,
So glad, so blest, so sure, so safe; so more than satisfied!”  Elizabeth Prentiss


3 thoughts on “the last of winter

  1. The snow pics and moon pic are beautiful. I hope you and your family are staying warm through the snow storm! We actually got an inch or two the other day, but it was wet and mushy and melted by the end of the next day. 😦 It was only our second snow of the season. At least we get snow here in Arkansas. I’m counting that blessing, for sure!

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