as we drive along

I have found the one whom my soul loves. Song of Solomon

Grace and Jacob were available to take care of the house and children for a few days so Rich and I decided to stay two nights in Vermont.  We stayed close by our Ethan’s college so that we could visit with him when he was free.

After the busyness of the holidays, it was calming to be alone together.

I can sense our marriage shifting, ever so slowly, from the stage of “super busy with little ones” to “busy raising children but life is quieting down just a tiny bit”……it doesn’t seem like a big of enough change to even notice and indeed, most of the time we don’t realize that things are changing in a way that effects us as a couple.

In fact, “being a couple” has been sort of hard during the years of babies and little ones. It’s been more like two trains passing in the night at times………

This weekend, being alone just the two of us, without a worry or a care for the children we left back home, showed us that there is still a deep contentment and companionship between our two souls.

The children will grow and move on, but the two of us will always have each other “til death do us part.”  We’re friends, we know one another, we enjoyed our time together this weekend very much; reading, working out, eating meals, holding hands, little touches, talking or not talking, getting coffees, driving, sleeping, resting, watching a little tv…..all very ordinary things, but with a quiet joy from being happy together.

It’s been nice to watch my parent’s marriage evolve from full nest to empty nest and it’s nice to see that Rich and I are following in their footsteps in this way.  Lovebirds.

(I know it will be a long time before we have a literal empty nest, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now so that’s good…….)

Also, I took pictures out the window of lovely Vermont.












two things:


We took Ethan bowling and I actually scored an 84….coming in last place as usual but I have hopes of continuing to improve.  There was a group of women of all ages next to us throwing strikes on a consistent basis.  Even an old old lady who couldn’t even bend over.  She just walked up and swung her arm and got strikes.


We ate breakfast together at one of those shiny stainless steel diners shaped like a railroad car.  I took this photo because the waitress was walking back and forth from the kettle pouring hot steamy brewed tea into gallon jars.  She said it was for iced tea, and that they go through a lot of it in a day.

“We need to live in the now of life,
it can’t be about how much we suffered yesterday
or what we might face tomorrow.
It’s about today. And today was good”
~bonnie leon

1 thought on “as we drive along

  1. How awesome to have some alone time for a few days! Hubby and I used to go out to eat once a week for a date night … the kids are now grown and flown but the tradition continues lol!

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