christmas present

5 thoughts on “christmas present”

  1. (smiling so big). 😀 Made me chuckle out loud at the end. Beautiful photos of a beautiful day. We have so much in common. Growing children, still little children…the same joys, heartaches, sorrows.

  2. I ordered my Christmas cards a while back but they never came in time so I’ll be handing them out for new years as well:) I’ll be mailing you one:)
    Your post made me smile. Oh how I relate every time!

  3. I just finished All the Light We Cannot See-One of the best books I’ve ever read! I always enjoy your posts. Been reading you for years but never commented. 🙂 You have a lovely family, thank you for sharing with us! Blessings!

  4. What a beautiful post! And yes, when the kids have grown and have families of their own, you miss all the noise and bustle of being together, the cooking, tucking everyone in for bed, reading bedtime stories,…etc… Now we get those times really only for holidays and vacations. Time goes by so fast. Cherish every second. I’m having fun now with my grand children… enjoying the fact that the cycle begins again… reading, bath time, tucking in… breakfast cinnamon rolls (we do that, too!). I treasure the time together. Have a great week and blessed New Year!! xo

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