merry christmas and a happy snow day


I love my home,
I love my nest,
In all the world,
My nest is best!

Good news!  Sherlock the cat is back home recovering from his ordeal.  We are all thankful to see him in the old familiar places…..and are fervently praying that he never again forms crystals to block his urinary track.

All the second guessing and questions were gone as soon as I witnessed the love and gentleness in the way the children cared for their pet all weekend long.


He received much petting.




Well, it’s our first snow day of the school year.  There was speculation all weekend as the children wondered if it would happen and checked the weather frequently.  As soon as I woke up this morning, I felt around in the dark for my phone on the table by the bed.  Rich left for work as soon as he possibly could as I was announcing to him, “It’s a snow day!  Stay home please stay home with us!” He was like, “bye.”

No matter, the children are currently still tucked in their warm beds, sound asleep, and I’m in my room typing away………….enjoying what will probably be the quietest hour of the day.


On Saturday, Rich was away for a wrestling scrimmage with his team (he is the HS head coach) and I had a leftover roast chicken in the fridge so I set to work making homemade chicken and dumplings with a big pot of fluffy mashed potatoes.  The only reason I got the camera out is because Seth was amusing me.  He had helped roll out the dumplings and then ended up on the counter for a good half an hour playing in a cup of flour…….

Messy….but harmless fun for a boy in the kitchen.


And a warm comfort food was enjoyed by all for lunch that day.


When Rich got home from wrestling, he took a quick nap on the couch and then took the boys for haircuts…..



The reason why Rich completely spoils and worships me is because I gave him five sons and two daughters who look just like him.  (okay, that is maybe just one of the many reasons).



“Sarah get off my cat! Mom tell Sarah to get off my cat! No don’t take a picture of Sarah with my cat, that’s my cat!”  ~David is very possessive.


Rich and David moved this little couch (dog bed) into the other room to make a spot for the Christmas tree.  It was about 28 degrees on Saturday afternoon so he could only get Caleb and Sarah to go with him to the fire department to choose the tree.  I could tell he was starting to get tired and not in the mood but after a little love-spat we got the decorating done.  It certainly wasn’t the same without Jacob and Ethan helping us and Grace saying things like “I probably won’t be here next year to help decorate the tree”.  sigh.  Not only that but the Heisman’s Trophy was going to be awarded at 8 and it was 7:55 so we were in sort of a time crunch.  (Caleb is a passionate football fan).



Little by little the nest is getting festive.  Yes, those are legos.


The painting from Aunt Colleen, vintage yellow fiestaware, a strand of lights, and my cookbook collection.


While searching for the decorations they found their old board puzzles.


A beautiful moment after the children were in bed…..a purring cat on my lap, candles, Sangria, and the lovely tree.


(Caleb just came in here asking if it was a snow day.  After he heard the news he climbed up, “I want to snuggle with you.  Can I see your phone?  I want to see who won the game last night, I went to bed after the third quarter just in case it wasn’t a snow day.”)

So Sunday morning was blessedly relaxing.  Rich was watching a movie and after a while I noticed him doing sit ups on the floor.  This man works out EVERY DAY so I got a little bossy and said, “If you have energy I have something you could do instead.”

(Seth has appeared)


And then later on, we were getting ready for church and Rich captured this special moment.  “When Moms do their Daughters Hair.”  Sarah needed two tissues to get through it.


And when I showed her the photo of the final result she said proudly, “Is my hair really that long?”  so I knew she wasn’t scarred for life.

Merry Christmas and a Happy Snow Day!  I’ll blog tomorrow about all the things we did with our surprise vacation day from school.  (Meanwhile, Seth is asking if he can open one of his presents)………


6 thoughts on “merry christmas and a happy snow day

  1. Good Morning. Lovely post as usual. Regarding your cat, do you know feed him special food? Our cat, Maxx, had this same problem and it will reoccur if he doesn’t have special food to prevent this. Have a blessed “snow day” 🙂

    • Yes, the vet gave us our first bag of it plus 6 cans of soft cat food. I’m so glad you told me about your cat because I have been worried that he would still get the crystals back despite the new diet.

  2. Oh funny I just posted about our first snow day from my bed:):) Ayla saw Sarah’s hair and said “I can see how that would hurt”
    We love reading your blog journal. So may similarities between our families. Its a delight!

  3. Snow!!! We’ve been flooded a week ago and in the 40s. Cold for Texas! I think it’s been years since we’ve had snow lol. Maybe we won’t need air conditioning this Christmas! Happy memories!:)

  4. I’d love a snow day! Although we homeschool so we don’t usually take them, ~mean mom that I am~
    This was our first year with 2 in college and not everyone here to pick out our tree..Bittersweet to have 2 adult daughters, following Gods plan for their lives yet missing out on some family moments.
    Be blessed!

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