day after thanksgiving

The dryer is humming.  An orange cat is at my feet, busily cleaning his fur.  The bed is made and I’m sitting on top of the blankets with blue jeans, a flannel, and brown moccasins on.

I can hear Sarah’s movie from the other room, I can hear the cat licking itself, I can hear the dryer, but as I look around the room, everything is quiet and still.  Motionless.  The trees outside are like statues.  If I wasn’t typing, I would be motionless as well.  My eyes would stare; at the shiny doorknob of my bedroom door, at the curtains, the fan on the floor, the patterns of the wood grain of the dresser.

What a difference a day makes.  Yesterday at this time the kitchen and dining room were swarming with family, everyone talking, gesturing, laughing, working, eating, cleaning up, taking photos.

Everyone has gone.


It’s almost a lonely feeling.  To make so many plans and then have a holiday over.

Caleb is loudly whistling.  Rich is at the school setting up for wrestling season.  I can hear the boys digging through the lego bin.  Seth is singing a silly song.

I’m tired.  I’m wearing the day after thanksgiving like a cozy blanket.

2 thoughts on “day after thanksgiving

  1. Thanksgiving there were 36 of us here. Today, Sat. I’m the only one. N.Y. son and TX daughter and family left this morning. It’s so quiet and lonesome, but tomorrow is Sun. church, and then another meal at a grand-daughter’s house. The first Thanksgiving meal she’s ever hosted, so I might as well enjoy a quiet day today.

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