the day of thanksgiving


My brother Dave got some great pictures on Thanksgiving day.  I thought I would post the ones he sent to me, along with the few that I was able to take on that day, as well.  It’s funny as I look at them I feel peace…but in actuality the day was quite busy with lots and lots to do and think about (and I never did get the pumpkin pie out of the fridge to serve!  totally forgot about it).  I had lots of help from my Mom and everyone.  It truly came together wonderfully.



Seth was determined to peel potatoes.  I let Jacob help me peel when he was four years old and he peeled his finger so it’s always been an emphatic “no” from me to Seth.  He took matters into his own hands and found a peeler in the drawer for himself.  And yes, he did just fine, after all HE is almost eight.  Thank you, Seth!


His look of intense concentration was just the dearest.


We turned all the heat off in the house but it was still too warm to start a fire in the fireplace.  But I love this room….(we added it to the house a few years ago)


I played a few hymns for the potato peelers.


Rich, Jacob, and Ethan watching something on a phone….

I like how Dave took wide photos to get the details of the rooms.



my husband and his boys (plus Michael, Jacob’s best friend) watching TV


Sarah started eating the homemade rolls as soon as they were done.  They are obviously her favorite thanksgiving food.


Grace and her Aunt Maria made the corn casserole.


Mom, sister Amanda, sisters in law Cassandra, Maria, and Melissa, daughter Grace, myself, and my niece Abigail (who turned 16 yesterday!)  surrounded by lovely fiestware.  😉


Caleb and Dad having a chat.


kitchen help 🙂


Dad played football with his grandsons.  Seriously, he’s the best.


quick family photo before we ate dinner



My sister Amanda took these during Dad’s prayer of thanksgiving to God for all His numerous blessings to our family and the world……..


and then we served up our plates of food and ate all over the place….yes indeedy it was delicious

(I had no appetite which is the only downfall for being the hostess….I get so busy and distracted that I can’t enjoy my food! LOL)  the leftovers have been delicious, though.



and then there was time for a few goofy sibling photos…….


so thankful…whenever we can all be together in the same house….there’s just nothing like that feeling.  I never want to take it for granted.


Happy Thanksgiving!

PS.  and now on to Christmas.  🙂


10 thoughts on “the day of thanksgiving

  1. Love, love the photos. My favorites are the bros and wives on the prayer photo (all snuggled up together) and the sibling ones!! I’m one of 7 and we don’t often get a photo of just us 7 anymore. I guess I should be bossy big sister and get another one, cause they’re precious! (I’m the oldest, have 6 brothers. We’re ages 36-19.)

  2. Love the outfit you wore!! So beautiful. I thought the same thing about your brother’s photos…I’ve been following this blog for what…9 or 10 years now (wow)…and I saw areas of your home I have never seen before! L-O-V-E! Yours is one of my favorite stories to follow. Happy that you had such a blessed day surrounded by those you love the very most. xo-Chris

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