yee haa

A delightful story came home in Sarah’s backpack on Monday.  Picture me reading this in the kitchen after baking two batches of two different kinds of homemade cookies, for my children.

It was a fascinating eye opener for me, as I tend to live in dreamland where children don’t care about video games as much as smiling parents with big hugs, warm cookies, friendly kitty cats, a big front yard outside in the country, lot of siblings, and clean bedrooms full of a magical assortment of good wholesome toys, puzzles, and books.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha! 


It’s the “evre day” that gets me.  If it said “sometimes” or “occasionally”…..sure.  But “evre day”?  really?

So, without Further Delay….

Evre Day Aftr Scwol, by Sarah, six years old, & perhaps a genius


I went don stars.  too play viteo gams.  I like to play viteo game.  I like playing mincraft.  Sarah said, “I like playing mincraft.”


I saw a Zombe it was abowt to esplod my howse.  Me and my dogs ar going to cil the Zombe.  Sarah said, “cil it dogs.”


I dfetid the Zombe.  And I was hape.  And my dogs wr hape to.  I went bac to my howse to feed my dogs.  Sarah said “I love my dogs.”


Aftr I dufetid the Zombe I went to my hose.  In my hose I gave my dog’s mett.  Sarah said, “I love my dog’s”.


Aftre I gave my dog’s mett I went to go hunting with my dog’s.  Sarah said, “yee haa”.


The End.



2 thoughts on “yee haa

  1. Yes, well. I, as a former teacher and a present teacher’s wife, and a mom, think that it’s usually only the children who have the happy parents and a secure homelife and all that you mentioned who are able to write such stories. Those without loving families have trouble functioning, and most certainly don’t use words like defeated in their stories! And those who don’t have access to outside and good toys and lots of books don’t either! You’re an inspiration to me!

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