a preview of the winter to come


There was a chill in the air that could only mean one thing……snow.  Here, the green grass of yesterday has been drifted over with a covering of wet snow.

After reading by the fire for an hour, with a cat on my lap, even though I was determined not to get cold again, I found myself bending down to get my boots out of the closet.  Warm vest, warm down coat, and a camera.  Alone because the boys wanted to go outside later when there is enough snow on the hill to go sledding.


Wood is stacked on the side porch, ready to be used in the fireplace.  I pick up sticks from the woods when I go for walks, to use as kindling.  The fire is such a mesmerizing thing, with wisps of smoke, cracking, popping, in high notes and low notes.

On a snowy day it is rather cozy-like.


Turtles and frogs are hiding under the mud in the ponds, not to be seen again until spring.


Wild berries as red as anything will soon be gone……as the birds slowly pick them to eat.

The bees, grasshoppers, dragonflies, butterflies, moths, and bugs are all gone.  The earth is quiet as it snows.  Although if you stand still and listen you can hear the falling of it.


Sarah planted marigold seeds in a paper cup during Kindergarten and we transplanted them into the spring garden.  All summer long it was a gift to watch them grow.


I celebrate the last of the blossoms from the garden, what resilient ones these are to survive frosts and snow.


fall turning into winter

green turning into brown

warm turning into cold

“To everything — a season,
and a time to every delight
under the heavens”  Ecclesiastes 3:1


To expect unchanging happiness in a changing world, must end in disappointment. To bring ourselves to our state in life, is our duty and wisdom in this world. God’s whole plan for the government of the world will be found altogether wise, just, and good. Then let us seize the favourable opportunity for every good purpose and work. The time to die is fast approaching. Thus labour and sorrow fill the world. This is given us, that we may always have something to do; none were sent into the world to be idle.  Matthew Henry








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