don’t cry, kids


I agree, it was a wonderful long dreamy dream of a summer; the summer of ’16.  But it’s over now and you must go back to school today.


I love how Grace started High School with two brothers by her side and is ending High School with two different ones.


She’s rather full of herself.  David said, “Will you please get off me?”  And I said, “Uh oh, Grace, I bet Caleb will be taller than you are by the end of the year.” and she lifted her head to try to gain a few more inches.  Then she ruffled his hair and said, “Caleb you have nice hair.”  “He has the best hair of the family,” I say.  “No, Ethan does,” she replied.  “What about my hair?” said Dave.  “And Seth has the nicest eyes,” Grace continued.


There was wet stuff coming from the sky but it was only a gentle light rain.


They go to two different schools this year so they ride separate buses.



For the 7th year running, the winner of the “best eyes” in the family contest!


They melt me.


Seth got on his bus and then it was just the two of us….”Let’s sit on the bench together and wait.” she said.  So we did.


“I’m going to make lots of new friends this year.” she decided.


Of five little children, off to school  

Only one of them cried,

Can you guess who?


7 thoughts on “don’t cry, kids

  1. I wish I still wrote ~ I’m glad you still do! 😃 Made me think of our first day two weeks ago now. Seven off to three different schools! Hard to believe those “middle boys” are off to school w Grace. I hope it’s a wonderful year for you and the kids! Ours has started off well and sometimes I’m pretty sure the best decision we ever made was to put them in school. Bless you ~

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