life is a continual feast


This morning I was in my pajama pants and tank top, my hair was pulled up in a very messy pony tail.  I was making the children color pictures at the island while they waited for their breakfast.  I was feeling rather full of myself as I expertly cut up their french toast and dribbled Trader Joe’s cherry pie filling over the top.  “I have to admit,” I said happily, “I’m pretty awesome.”  And guess what?  Little ears were listening……..

“I’m pretty awesome, too.” said Sarah, promptly and agreeably.



These nature photos are from last week.  We were searching for more monarch caterpillars.  The first photo was of milkweed bugs and then this one is of a flowering bush which I have not identified.  It has small, bell shaped baby pink blossoms.

DSC_1264 1

very very very interesting brown moth.  look at it’s eyes.


It was Sarah Joy’s first long walk after her surgery.  She got tired, and dear Amy gave her a piggy back ride all the way back home.


We found wild black berries.  They tasted sour and Seth loved them.


These baby birds are living in a nest on the gable of the chicken coop.

When I stare at this picture I can’t help but squeal from the cuteness.  There is something about that pouting bird face and the other bird that doesn’t even know I’m there but I can see it’s little bottom and heels.


Last week was very very very very long.  Rich was on a business trip from Monday to Thursday night, and then from Friday morning to Saturday night he was gone with Ethan to college registration.  Come Saturday I just wanted to go someplace where I could sit and look at magazines without having the kids need me.  So off we went to the playground, stopping for a big iced coffee on the way.  (it was hot and muggy.)

As is typical, as soon as I got out of the house with my camera I still couldn’t focus on the magazines because the kids were all of a sudden adorable instead of exhausting.

Sometimes you just need a change of scenery and a little fun to brighten up a long week.






DSC_1465 2

This is a big deal for Sarah, she has conquered her fears at the playground.  There were years when she wouldn’t ever take risks like this.


Seth, on the other hand, has been climbing before he could walk. (some of the pictures won’t show unless you click on them)…

Happy Monday, friends!


PS, here is my current favorite photo:


A friend of mine took it at an antique store because she thought of me!

the dishes *swoon*


For the despondent, every day brings trouble; for the happy heart, life is a continual feast.
Proverbs 15:15

7 thoughts on “life is a continual feast

  1. It’s SOOO GOOOOD to have a little girl hear her momma being proud of herself!! Using p ositive self-talk!I’m sure too often little girls hear momma being tired, or saying she’s too fat, or can’t do this or that….this is a reminder to me to be proud of who I am and proud of my skills as a mom! (righteously proud, of course…taking joy in God’s creation.)

    • I thought the SAME thing, Sarah. I’ve said positive stuff before about myself now and then, being half funny/half celebratory, but this is the first time that fact hit home (that the kids need to hear it!!)—when Sarah piped right up and said she was awesome, too. We mamas need to be good examples to our children, God is please when we are rejoicing in the abilities He has given us!!

  2. I like that picture, too. Oh to have some of those pieces!!
    Also, your little ones are not so little anymore! I’ve been on here this afternoon catching up on your blog…I have been so bad about keeping up with everyone this summer. Sarah’s surgery, your grown up boys, your cozy home…I’ve missed this place! 🙂

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