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We leave tomorrow!  Ahhhhhhhhhh!   I’m busy packing and cleaning but I’ve gotten a lot done this morning so I thought I could sit for a little bit (while Seth naps) and post some pictures of my baby and the funny things he does.

I took him outside yesterday evening and put him in his swing.  He was so cute, going back and forth and giggling.  He loved it.  He still drools a lot.



Look at his funny pinkies.  And chin bubbles.


He likes to make long continuous sounds now.  I’m surprised how much air he can hold in his lungs!  He can make a long long sound, and then he breathes in and does it again.  I usually do it with him, and he thinks it’s such fun.  When we have music playing, he makes the sound then, too.  He sings!


He’s been doing other funny things, too.  Jacob put him in a bowl the other day, and took this picture.  I love the look on his face. 


Yes, he’s been in it before, (this was taken in April).


Seth played in the sandbox yesterday.  He loved it.  He pushed around in it, with his hands, and kicked his feet.  He made bad faces when he tasted the sand.  I had to keep a good eye on him.  


Here he is, back when he was only 5 months old:


Sister put him in her backpack once:


This picture is for Uncle Roger, who is a Yankee’s fan.  He and Aunt Colleen bought Seth this outfit:


This is another funny thing he used to do when he was first starting to crawl.  He would wriggle his way over to this plant to try to dig his fingers in the dirt and pick my flowers.  No one had to teach him, he learned to do this all on his own, and he used to do it every time we went out on the porch.  He doesn’t do it anymore, he now crawls to the top of the steps and tries to go down them.  (He already fell down them once).  We watch him like a hawk.  We don’t want Seth to fall downstairs and “begin to be dead” (Six year old David’s words).

August 17, 2009 (six months old):



These next pictures always makes me smile.  I found him like this one day, breathing rapidly like he thought he was suffocating, and kicking his feet fast, with his head under the couch.  He turned and looked at me when I took the picture.

August 10, 2009 (six months old)


It’s always a surprise to find your baby in a strange place.


This picture was taken just this morning.  I heard him making distress sounds, and found him like this, tipping into a basket:


Then, I was busy packing, and turned around to see him like this.  He isn’t very strong in the tummy yet so he was doing moves like a hula dancer as he held on to the drawers.  He’s only 7 months old! 


I’ve started retrieving things from out of his mouth:  a big wood chip, a soggy crayon wrapper, and a couple of stickers.

As I sit here, I must admit I’m a little curious about this boy of mine.  He’s pretty active.  Stay tuned for the next 5 or 6 years (or longer!) as I try to keep this child safe and teach him to be sensible!  I am guessing there will be many fun/interesting things to report in the years ahead.  I ask for your prayers. 


It’s now 7pm and I got back online to post a couple more pictures that I took of Seth this afternoon.  He performed a few more new tricks throughout the day:

He got stuck on the stairs.  I could not believe that he had crawled up a step, and then stood up!


Then, he pulled himself up outside on the porch……


September 11, 2009 (7 months old):


This baby is growing too fast!




33 thoughts on “the funny things you do

  1. Yes, the joy of boys!!  It is amazing what they will put in their mouths (over and over again).  Your post made me smile.  They just go from one thing to another.  Loved the one of him tipping into the basket.  I can just hear his sounds of distress:)

  2. It’s a wonderful thing that you have the gold bowl pictures to compare his size. I look at my tiniest baby (Rissy) who is now eight and wonder where those long arms and legs came from!!!

  3. i m really love to read your blog. pLEASE dun stop updating it !! cant believe seth is 6 months old now. he is becoming more and more naughty :p BOys like that .hahaaaaaa have a good time ! Im keep reading your blog 🙂

  4. Shanda~ Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes the girls loved their Egyptian make up look waaay too much It was such fun though.
    You take such lovely pictures. I think my favorite are Seth in his Yankee outfit and in the bowl. Precious!

  5. Tim and I are sitting here dissecting each picture… laughing our heads off! What a cutie you’ve got there! He looks like he’s gonna be a climber… can’t believe all he’s doing at 7 months!! Thanks for sharing such precious pictures before your vacation. Have a wonderful time!!!

  6. Oh my he is so cute. He just makes you smile when you look at that face!! He does look like he is an active boy…good thing you have lots of boys to help run after him. My Daniel pulled himself up that way at 7 months and cruised around everything. Those first few in the swing are so adorable!!Have a wonderful, romantic trip!! Praying for you, Jenny

  7. What delightful pictures! I think my husband wonders sometimes what in the world I am looking at when I sit here chuckling! Sometimes I have to call him over to appreciate your delicious boy along with me. Oh! That little guy is amazing! I wish my daughter was as good at taking and putting up pictures as you are! Seth is incredible and very much the explorer. I can see why you need to watch him every minute! Enjoy your trip! Blessings to you and your family.

  8. He is amazing ! 🙂 what a wonderful boy you have there ~ my mom says I walked at 8 months and soon after ran and never stopped since. I’ve never had but one that walked early (Christian at 9 months) but Looks like your cute little man will be walking soon ! watch out 🙂 but oh the cuteness of it all don’t you think? Love the swing pictures – he looks more than delighted!blessings on your Saturday. Lakelyn usually sleeps nice through the night these nights but I had a busier than normal Friday and so she didn’t quite get all she wanted to eat in the day so now she is catching up. :)lys

  9. I keep forgetting that our babies are the same age since Seth seems so much older – but no wonder!! ( : What a great adventure you are on with him! Loved all the pictures – you are great at having the camera handy – I want to do better at that! Have a great week – mj

  10. You have just given me a glimpse into what my life might just be like in a few more months…expecting a boy, can’t wait to see what he gets into! Love the pictures!! He is just too stinkin’ cute!

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