what my brother did for me


About a week or so ago, while my poor brother Dave was in pain passing a kidney stone, he read my blog post about how and why I was a fan of Rosemary Wells.

And guess what that thoughtful guy did without me knowing a thing about it?

He emailed Rosemary Wells with the blog link and she read it!

She emailed him back and said thank you for the once in a lifetime review and asked for my address so she could mail my family the newest books.

They came today!


I love how she wrote “For Shanda’s family”.

I will treasure these books for the rest of my life.


I already read them out loud to Sarah, of course.  She liked the Warthog’s wedding story best because it had an *ibunny phone* all throughout out it, with a flap she could lift in order to see a map.   The green dot on the map was where Max and Ruby were in the hotel as they searched for a lost wedding ring.

Anyway, aren’t brothers the best?  I’m so thankful to have three of them and Dave is now my absolute favorite because of what he did.  (((LOL) only teasing, Nate and Isaac!)))

To think, she saw my post!!  And sent me two hardcover books!

It was just the uplifting mail we needed today because………..


…….tomorrow little Sarah bird is going back to the hospital for another surgery.

This one is to fix a “congenital obstruction of the ureteropelvic junction.”  The surgery is a “robotic UPJ/pyelopasty”.

It is expected to last 6 hours, or more.

This obstruction is what the doctors believe caused the large amount of kidney stones which they removed in January.  She also has reflux but they told me that as a rule they fix the obstruction first…..so…..ugh. (hoping we are reaching the end of this adventure but I know we have a few months and procedures left)

Gratefully, Sarah is happy.  We are all acting like it’s an exciting sleepover with Mama.  She knows that she will get to watch movies in the middle of the night if she can’t sleep.  And during the day she can go to an art class and the family resource center and the toy room, so in the knowledge of these joyful prospects, we conveniently forget about the surgery part.  And besides, she’s asleep the whole time and it doesn’t hurt when you’re asleep!  (that’s what we overheard her telling Seth in a very authoritative voice).

We have our bags packed.

The best part for me is that Rich has the entire week off and will be with us the whole time with no pressures to get back to work.

DSC_0924 1

little bouquets by the kitchen sink


hugging the best cat ever

DSC_0959 1

a soft sweet neck and little whisps of blond

DSC_1184 1

a pair of cardinals that I photographed this morning from the porch, while it was raining


5 thoughts on “what my brother did for me

  1. {{Shanda}} I will be praying for all of you and the medical staff. I am glad Rich could take the whole week off. Hopefully you guys will be home again soon to sit on the porch and watch kitties and birdies.

  2. praying for your precious little one, her doctors and her sweet momma! Sometimes i wish they would put the parents to sleep too…and just wake us when it’s all over😊.

  3. How sweet your brother is and the Author sending you books. That is just so neat.:)

    I will be praying for Sarah and you throughout the day. I am sorry she has to go through this again. May the Lord give great grace and strengthen you.
    Love you both,

  4. It will be a long day…but more people will be praying for you than usual, and Jesus will hold you and Sarah through it all. Hugs.

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