raspberry pancakes



Today I saw a strange little bird,
and I said to the strange little bird,

“Would you like some berries?”
and she said yes.

“Where did you find these yummy berries?” she chirped.  “I want some more!”
“I know right where they are,” I said, “Can I show you?”

so off we flew.




She flapped her wings and sang a song for me.

But mostly she just picked berries.

DSC_1156 1

little birds love wild berries of all kinds


“I know where some more are, do you want me to show you?”
And she said, “Yes” again.
We walked this time.
We walked up the road together.


DSC_1161 1

Birds like berries.
Cats like birds.
She ate all the berries, lickety split, making a “yum yum” sound.
I saved mine in my shirt.
Do you know how to do that?
You fold up the bottom of your shirt, and it makes a pocket!

DSC_1154 1

Back home we went.

She saw the garden.

“Okay. I’m going to pick some peas now,” said my sweet bird.
(she had blue feathers, with silver stars)

“I’m going to do something that starts with a P, too!” I replied.  “I am going to make Pancakes.”

“Raspberry ones!, with the berries we picked.”


I watched the little bird all alone in the garden, picking peas.
I watched her through the window, briefly.
Then I set to work.
“What’s in your shirt, acorns?” her brother asked.
“No, it’s berries.”

I made raspberry pancakes for a snack.

She ate one, her brother ate two.


They ate them with lots of butter and syrup on top.

I think we might dream of berries and pancakes tonight.

1 thought on “raspberry pancakes

  1. That sounds so tasty! And what a pretty little bird!:) Have a wonderful day! Tereza

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