life is a continual feast



We found out on Monday that Sarah was born with a congenital obstruction in her right kidney.  And she also has reflux on that side.  The mystery of how she had the stones in the first place as been solved.  Unfortunately, this obstruction has caused her right kidney to lose most of it’s function.  Thankfully, the other kidney is doing the job of keeping her healthy.  (kidneys are amazing)  The next step is to meet with the doctor about doing surgery on the ailing kidney to help it drain better…..because with no treatments she will most likely end up with ongoing infection.  There is a chance that she may lose the kidney, but the doctor believes that even though it has lost significant function, it still appears to be healthy and he is leaning toward surgically fixing the blockage.  We meet with a second doctor next week for her thoughts as well.


Of course, I am not a doctor and I don’t know much.  I do not have the wisdom of the doctors, but I do have the wisdom of a mother.  As a mother, I was very upset by the results of these latest tests.  Truth be told, I did a lot of crying and lost my appetite for a day (but in the midst of it I felt I would be sad forever–strong emotions & dramatics have always been a talent with me).  But the doctor and nurse were both calm and reassuring.  As specialists, they told me that they see children all the time with the very same situation as Sarah so they know she will be okay.

Jesus was and is always near, so near, and I had time reading the Bible yesterday in which I read many verses that comforted and stayed my soul.  I also had a nice long talk with Gary (our pastor) and my dearest mother (with Dad listening, too).

Jacob’s girlfriend Emily comforted me as well.  I told her some of my imagined fears and rambling sad thoughts and she exclaimed, “Don’t think about those things!”  Which is such simple advise, but TRUE, and I tell you, do not be afraid to share (some) things with your teenagers because they very often have just the words you need to hear, sweet simple childlike faith……..”out of the mouth of babes”.

Enough about that.  All will be well.  Doctors are a gift from God with God-given healing wisdom and talents.  What a wonderful world we live in, where there is knowledge and support for so many medical conditions!  This world is full of people trained to help in many ways and I am thankful for everyone I meet who shares a smile, or a kind word, or gives time and energy to be active in the schools and community.  These sorts of people make me always to want to do the same.  The world is much bigger than a kidney.  🙂  You can quote me on that.

And by the way, Sarah Joy is pain free and completely healthy.  Like I said, the healthy left kidney is taking over for the lack in the right one.  So this is a huge blessing!  And she is on a daily antibiotic to keep infection at bay.  She’s happy and growing and active.  Not only that, but she’s still young enough that she isn’t worried about a thing (until we are in the doctor’s office!).




Last week, Rich took me to the Brimfield antique show and we had such a nice afternoon together.   I saw these Tasha Tudor books and looked through them.  I didn’t buy because they were on the pricy end (probably worth it but not to me).


Birds we love.


Necklaces made from odds and ends.


Just as we are.


What we purchased on that day.  We came home and I scrubbed everything up.

The disc pitcher and 7 tumblers are vintage and are for display only.  I did tell the children that when they grow up and have a baby we will do a toast with them at that time using these valuable tumblers.

The covered casserole and three light yellow bowls are retired yellow.

The mugs were chosen by my husband — two lapis and one shamrock.

The divided vegetable bowl is a retired piece in Ivory.

Three cereal bowls in lemongrass, white, and paprika.

And then two pasta bowls in paprika.


I put the disc pitcher up high, next to my priceless Lilac one.


My sweet Grace.


darling cat paws


nature is confused…we had a second round of toads this year.


Remember the vultures?  We searched for the Death Thing and we found it… a very dead muskrat waving in strips in the stream.  EWWWWWWW


My children; 19, 18, 16, 13, 10, 7, 5


Rich and I went on a date Friday and found a restaurant close to home that we enjoyed very much.  My salad had roasted potatoes, tomatoes, crumbled cheese, and grilled shrimp on it.  Rich had a seafood pasta.


Like I said before, nature is confused this spring.  We have toad nurseries in BOTH ponds now.  I took this picture because the toad was funny.  As soon as it sensed my presence it completely froze in this position.


Rich and I went to a Farmer’s market and I was completely impressed by this handmade jewelry—made by tatting!  I bought an ankle bracelet for Sarah and she hasn’t taken it off.


Grace is going to Prom on Friday.


“For the despondent, every day brings trouble; for the happy heart, life is a continual feast.”  Proverbs 15:16


8 thoughts on “life is a continual feast

  1. On your mommy heart with Sarah – I get it. It’s hard not to think of the what ifs. I liked this post very much tho – the food for thought and the good you found.

  2. It is concerning when we have a physical issue, but it is twice as bad when it is one of our children or grandchildren.

    I am continually amazed at you having tall, teenage children. I think we became blog friends in 2006, so I feel like I have watched them grow up. 🙂

  3. My husband’s mom recently passed away at the age of 86. She lived all her life with only one kidney! /Her other one never developed and was just kinda shriveled!) Putting myself in your place, I can certainly feel the anxiety when our beloved ones have to have surgery. Our youngest struggled with asthma when she was young. I remember those speeding trips to the emergency room when she gasped, “Mommy, breathing is too hard. Can I stop?” Oh! My heart! Sarah is so little and vulnerable, and it just doesn’t seem FAIR! But life ISN’T fair. Aren’t we glad God is good!? We will trust and pray for the very best result for Sarah, and for peace for you.

  4. I’m praying for your dear little Sarah and for you, too. My sister was also born with a kidney problem. She has lived since she was one year old with one functioning kidney. She is now 39 with 3 children, never having a problem. God really did design our bodies with tremendous abilities.

  5. Praying for yall. Be at rest. God is a good Father. Matt Maher sings a song Abide with me. Love your finds! Christina

  6. Glad you found answers but I am sorry for all the stress and tears. It’s totally normal how you feel and so thankful The Lord is faithful and has comforted you in many ways. This will be a continual thing you will have to trust God in and know that He is/will use this for His glory..He already is and as you share this with us we see Him working in you.

    Love your finds and hearing about your happenings. 😉
    As always love you

  7. Praying for you, my dear, and sweet Sarah. So glad you have wise helpful doctors and nurses. Thankful they found the cause of these problems.
    Nice to see your finds! I was immediately drawn to those books, when you said “Tasha Tudor”, I thought, no wonder. 🙂

  8. I’m sorry that Sarah is going through all of this. But I’m glad that you finally have a clear answer, and some options for resolution!
    Just stay in the light, God will bring you all through this! ❤️

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