in a blink


Sixteen years later……..

My baby girl and I will go out shopping for sweet little dancing shoes.  We will skip up a sunny sidewalk in town to the seamstress shop and pick up her beautiful dress; a long, mint green gown, newly hemmed for her small stature.  She will talk of lipstick, jewelry, nail polish, and love.

…….she will be going to Prom.


2 thoughts on “in a blink

  1. We must be cut from the same cloth Shanda. Thanks for sharing your attitude honestly in the midst of troubles. And that verse is perfect. Life is a feast! And we who bear our emotions so vividly can cling to that.
    Hugs to you in your busy times ahead and to your sweet little one as she heads into the surgical future.
    I love seeing what your lovely family is up to!

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