best picture is at the end of the post


get kids ready for school
run on treadmill for half hour (2 miles) while watching Unsolved Mysteries
shower, dress
make bagels for R and G
fold a ton of laundry that has been too easy to wash but not too easy to fold for some reason
while watching Mr. Selfridge
upload photos then abandon blog to snuggle on husband while he goes through emails
eat a cream cheese, sliced tomato and cracked pepper bagel for lunch
pop a bowl of popcorn and read a book (Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince)
fall asleep
wake up to Dave home and clattering things in the kitchen, making perfect rice and a sauce to go over it (youtube video recipes) He needs help finding  lid, the cornstarch, and rice vinegar
make a cuppa

AND NOW I finally get a chance to tippety tap a blog post, a very long blog post.

Did you notice in the first photo how my cobalt canister broke it’s lid so it sweet talked the sunflower canister to give it it’s lid?  Now the poor sunflower canister has to use a pot lid.

After years of having a subscription to Country Living I let it run out and now get Cooks Illustrated, which I love reading through.  It’s a cooking magazine for readers, as most of the magazine is very long explanations of recipes and THEN the recipe.  And I also used the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook again, this time to make potato bread.


while the dough rose


I did a portrait session with a nonpaying customer.


She thought I would be honored to take her picture.  Look how carefully she posed for me.


Her brother was, as usual, taking a nap (which often run to 4 or more hours at a stretch).

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I did not realize I would end up with so much bread.  we ate it for days.  Buns for sloppy joe (sprinkled with herbs) and several loaves.  The potato in the bread kept it soft.


This is what sometimes happens when I get a sad feeling.

Star Wars the newest movie became available to purchase on amazon prime so we decided to buy it and eat all the junk food we wanted.  (we were sad because Rich had left for a 10 day business trip).

Grace felt hesitant and guilty about the groceries and the boys were all like, “stop it.”

The Ben and Jerrys was for meeeeeeeeeee.


We invited our friends and told them to wear pajamas.

Seths skinny little feet…so cute and dear.  (Grace just said I made the face I make when I see a cute baby).





I took one picture during the movie because I saw something so sweet:


Tessa in a love sandwich.


thrifting (fiesta plates and amber stone dishes)


Sarah made me laugh and laugh because she told me she wanted me to fix her hair “just like Tessa’s” which (she directed me) was a ponytail with a big chunk pulled out of the side.   She also had a hair band doubled around her wrist “just like Tessa” but I said, “Tessa doesn’t put hairbands on her wrist so tight her hand turns purple” and made her undouble it.  Tessa is all the rage in Sarah’s opinion.   I should tell her that Tessa would NEVER suck HER finger.


My very favorite way to eat my morning eggs!  I found an old bag of frozen raw shrimp from Costco which had been in the deep freeze for like a year.  So I thought I would throw a handful in the pan along with some peppers (also bagged frozen).  When the shrimp and peppers were cooked I put them on a plate and then scrambled three eggs and ate it all together while closing my eyes and saying “this is SO good!”  Jacob cooks his eggs at the same time.  It’s fun to be together.


journaling with a dog and a cat and also Grace (not photographed)


David’s perfect rice from a few days ago.


spring is here


the sky is blue, whoa oh oh


birds all sing as if they knew

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Today’s the day, we say I do,
and we’ll never be lonely anymore……


Ethan started track season.


Uncle Nate very generously sent a Tom Brady rookie card to Caleb in the mail, it was so sweet to see (don’t you feel like one of the best parts of being a mom is watching their faces when they’re happy?)


Jacob and Emily playing with Parker the Dog.


I made Alaskan coffee in my french press this morning and then….


It was only like one cup that I dumped but it went everywhere.  Then I had to search for a dustpan.


folding laundry in front of the TV


I saved The Best for last…….Rich arrived back home yesterday and as soon as he came in the door he had three of his sons in a big hug.

I cry a lot because I’m so happy.

When the heart is full, the eyes overflow


3 thoughts on “best picture is at the end of the post

  1. Such a beautiful life. You’re a good mama. That movie party looked great. I’m gonna try that! So glad for you that you’re husband is home:) it makes all the difference;). Take care friend,Christina

  2. Now I don’t feel so bad for eating too many corn chips while reading FB. I used to watch TV while I ironed. That was back in the early 60’s when my first 2 kids were little, and most clothes Had to be ironed. Hey, that Is perfect rice. I spilled ground coffee yesterday. Swept it up and then debated with myself whether or not it could be used. Since I have a dog and a cat I decided I didn’t want hair in my coffee, so out it went.

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