candid camera


Can you feel the love?  This is my favorite picture from Ethan’s 18th birthday party, he’s in a love sandwich between his girlfriend, sister, and cousin.  And then there is Emily hugging a cat behind them, and Seth sitting on the couch, amused.

MORE PICS—all from my phone—


This is what Sarah, Seth, and Caleb have been doing all weekend…riding scooters.  They are only 27 dollars on amazon and we just ordered a black one for David as well.  I love them because it’s a fun activity that they can do outside and we let them ride them in the house, too.  It’s the sweetest sound to hear their wheels running along the floor as they enjoy their scooters.


The dining room became a small wrestling gym on the day of Ethan’s party…..


Rich wrestled Jimmy, who actually showed some promise!  He goes to our church and isn’t from our town so alas cannot join our team next year.




Getting pinned by Coach

Caleb (green shorts) was the ref.

I took pictures and periodically screamed be careful.


Ethan and Zak



soon everyone wanted to wrestle and  I did a cartwheel.

There was loud music going on, too.




later on that night Caleb (G’s boyfriend) and Rich did a sit up contest that went on and on and on…..



They each did over 500 before Caleb cramped up and had to stop, Rich kept going for another 20 or 30 sit ups and then he stopped, too.


I discovered all these goofy selfies disrespectfully left on my phone so yeah…they’re going on the blog….**payback**

We watched movies, ate food, had pie and cheesecake as birthday cake, ice cream, and I went to bed at like 9:00 pm but Rich stayed up with them until 3.  When I got up at 6:30 there were kids sleeping all over the place, I walked into each room to check on them with a smile on my face.   Ethan woke up and made pancakes for all of us using his Grandma’s recipe.  Then came a turn for everyone in the shower and a trip to church where several of them had a hard time staying awake because of their long but fun night.

4 thoughts on “candid camera

  1. Oh my word Shanda, that’s brave of you to host a wrestling party! Lol. It looks like it was a birthday to remrmber! Little seth sure has some great pipes! Happy memories! Thankyou for sharing! Christina

  2. What a great party. I am sure the energy level was through the roof. We had wrestling mats at youth group and I was always the “be careful” one. Rich is sure Mr. Fit and can keep them all in line.

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