how can I keep from bragging?


So I have this really talented feline who has a passion for ice skating.  She’s out there practicing constantly and so I thought I would take a few photos of her when I was letting the chickens out the other day.  She is completely self-taught!


The pictures just do not do her credit.  She was doing a layback spin JUST before I took this one.  Lately, she spends most of her time working on her toughest skill, which is a triple axel followed immediately by a double toe loop.  I would have taken a video but I didn’t know how to do it. Plus I was standing stock stiff in shock.


When she saw I was taking pictures she ran off the ice and up a tree.

She is very shy.


3 thoughts on “how can I keep from bragging?

  1. Oh my goodness! How funny yet neat! Maybe one of the kids can teach you how to take a video. It’s super easy!;)

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