seven years ago


Seven years ago today I was about ready to give birth to baby boy number five.

Today is super exciting because not only is it Seth William’s birthday but it is also our school’s 100 day AND groundhogs day AND Seth is having a friend get off the bus at our house after school to play until wrestling practice.

“Seth, you’re going to be really happy and excited today so try hard not to let yourself get into trouble” were my words of advice as I hugged him goodbye this morning.

Dad said that winter is over, the ground hog didn’t see his shadow.  Hurray!

Sarah had to take 100 of something/anything to school and I sent her with a puzzle that was 100 pieces, she wasn’t that thrilled because she doesn’t like pigs.  “They are made out of meat and wolves eat them.” she explained.

So far today:

1. Got kids ready for school, took shower, got dressed for a meeting and then remembered it was happening tomorrow.

2. welcomed Kevin into the house to repair Grace’s ceiling.

3. watched an episode of The Good Wife while folding clothes and matching socks.

4. Went out shopping.  First stop:  Goodwill

what I bought:


Harry Potter book on cd which the kids are going to LOVE
Angelina Ballerina hardcover book for our family library
an old frame with an oval mat
a nature book
and two dresses, one for me and one for G…guess what, April?  One is Garnet Hill and one is Boden!

This dress is Grace’s.  The sleeves are 3/4 length and gathered at the ends.  Both dresses are made from a soft knit and are currently spinning around in the washer with hopes that I have time to dry them outside on the clothesline by the end of the day.


This one is mine.  The lengths on each dress fall just below the knee.

5.  After Goodwill (I also bought a very much needed bookcase for G’s room) I went to the Tractor Supply for bird seed, chicken feed, and cat food.

6. Costco for Seth’s birthday cake and groceries

7. Starbucks for a coffee and a snack

8. Arrived at home and Michael helped me put everything away.

9. went to coop to gather (1) egg and feed the hens.

10.  hung laundry on clothesline for the second time this week (it’s about 45 degrees here and sunny)

11. made homemade spaghetti sauce with a big 6 pound can of tomatoes that I got at Costco today.  I blended them smooth and poured them in a big pot over 5 cloves of minced garlic and a chopped onion, added pepper and dried basil.  Now it will simmer for a few hours and I will make homemade meatballs.  What with Sarah needing to reduce sodium I am noticing salt in many of the food goods I’ve purchased in the past.  For many years I’ve obsessed about sugar and now it’s salt I have to be concerned about. Thankfully there is a simple solution…like make everything yourself (spaghetti sauce) instead of buying processed foods.  The can of tomatoes I bought had only 1% of the daily allowance of sodium and since I’m putting some salt in the meatballs I am not adding any to the sauce.

12. Put away groceries

13.  That’s it.


This is dear sweet Seth opening one of his gifts this morning.  He received legos, glow in the dark plastic dinosaurs, and a Snoopy video game.  Sarah was happy because she helped me chose a couple of the gift from the hospitals gift shop while we were there a few weeks ago.  She was so happy that she told Seth they were legos before he opened them.


Seven years ago.

6 thoughts on “seven years ago

  1. Oh those dresses!!! Boden and Garnet Hill are two of my favorite stores! And that Harry Potter audio set as such an amazingly good find! My Jude would be thrilled to have that set.

    I love what Sarah said about the pig puzzle, made me laugh!

    Happy Birthday to Seth!!

  2. I can hardly believe he is 7!!
    happy birthday to your Seth! my Seth turns 12 in 17 days, he informed me this morning on the way to school. time marches on
    lovely goodwill finds Shanda!
    have a wonderful rest of your Tuesday!

  3. Love your words of advice;). Sounds like a great day with some great finds! I hope Seth has a very great birthday,I’m sure he will!:) thanks for sharing your life:)

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