seven hours

In the morning the sea is so calm!  The sea of my life, that is.  After I get the children off to school, I have peace and quiet for seven.whole.hours.  The following six hours will be nonstop action and busy, but seven.whole.hours.  It’s quite strange, actually.  I do all my morning chores with no interruptions!  (Jacob is usually home until about 10 but he doesn’t do anything but sleep, take a shower, have a short conversation with me, and then leave.)

The laundry gets done!  The rooms get clean enough!  I can do anything!

But it’s not as fun without the children around, not as lively!  That’s the part that is strange.  I’ve almost forgotten how to live quietly.  Not that I’m complaining, mind you.  There is a time and season for every purpose under heaven.  I thank God for this new stage of life, I thank God that Sarah is healthy again, Jacob is settling into college and work, and the rest of the children are all doing well.  I love having the extra time to get things done for my family and even having time alone to do things for myself.  It’s a privilege that I am very, very grateful for.

Amongst other things, I’ve been taking pictures of my cats.




“You folded the laundry but you didn’t put it away.  I thank you.”


Sleeping as though dead.


“I’m so pretty.”




“You made the bed.  I thank you.”


“I thought I heard something.”


“Drinking water on the counter from a turquoise fiesta bowl.  I thank you.”

(Sherlock is a very appreciative cat.)


“They say I have the prettiest whiskers”


“Waiting for the bus.”


I realized my nail polish matched my cat.


Today I sewed a couple of potholders.



“Learn to be alone and to like it.  There is nothing more freeing and empowering than to learning to like your own company.”

4 thoughts on “seven hours

  1. Yes,it took me some time to get used to that too. Some days I really like it some days it gets really quiet. Lol. My youngest is in 6th grade so I’ve had 6 years to get used to it. I remember wondering how I was going to fill my days,and the house was so quiet. I’ve slowly gotten used to it,and it’s nice to do things for the family,help out at food fair at church, have a lunch date with my husband, visit an elderly friend, or just rest. I’m so very greatful not to have to work. It’s a blessing. Enjoy! Cute hotpads!:)

  2. Such pretty kitties, and potholders! I think the combo of some quiet time to reflect and get things done, mixed with the full hours is perfect. You must be ready for the influx when they come home!

  3. They are gorgeous cats, and lovely shots of them, too. I’m so happy for you. 🙂 …and so glad Sarah is doing so well. I really like the material you used for your potholders, too.

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