good to be home


“O fill me with Thy fullness, Lord


Until my very heart o’er-flow


In kind-ling thought and glowing word


Thy love to tell


Thy praise to show.”
Frances Havergal (hymn writer 1836-1879)







In direct opposition to all the local hype regarding this weekend’s winter storm, the snow fell gently and calmly over our town.  I couldn’t help but wish that I hadn’t heard the numerous warnings that “The Snow Is Coming!”, why couldn’t it just fall without so much fanfare like it did when I was a child and, with no thoughts of snow, I would awaken in the morning to a surprising world of white and joy?

That’s how it was for dear Sarah who saw the snow and had to get outside in it to walk and play and taste.  What a gift childhood is.

I am thankful for……. lovely snow days that bring cancelled events so we can stay snug in the rooms of our home, bring in friends, and have a day of slowness.  The calm descends over me (rather like the snow) even as I busy myself making cookies, homemade meatballs, spaghetti, and listen to all the conversations at once.

Home is a place of contentment, prayers, music, naps, laughter, running up and down stairs, small arguments and resolutions, puzzles and games, freshly baked cookies, a delightful crackling fire in the fireplace, trips outside to breathe in the icy fresh air, marvelous books to read, blankets, throwing yet another log on, video games, movies….

yes, home is a place for beautiful messy L I F E and living, one thousand unspoken blessings each day, sharing, loving, enjoying……but mostly it is a place for the very best togetherness of friends and family.  Here we are loved beyond measure.

“Wherever the heart wanders it carries the thought of home with it.”

6 thoughts on “good to be home

  1. So cozy. 🙂 God is so good to us, isn’t He? I love your gratitude list. I try to keep one, if only in my verbal prayers each day. I’ve tried writing them down, but I fall out of the habit that way sometimes. Regardless of the format, I think it still helps me to keep things in perspective and not take the little things for granted to list them or thank God for them.

    Hope you have a blessed week. Sounds like it’s already off to a great start! 🙂

  2. Well said… I can relate on so many levels. Here in southeastern PA we were snowed in today and it was a true blessing to have everyone home for an extra day. Loved seeing pictures of your beautiful family. They have grown so much since I last read your blog back on Xanga.

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