the story of a birthday, with recipes

5 thoughts on “the story of a birthday, with recipes”

  1. Speaking from experience (5 daughters in 15 yrs.), you’ll probably never regret being the gathering place of the young people. You can know where they are & what they are doing without interferng too much. We both know they don’t want, or need, us hovering over them nonstop. Yet, usually they know they thrive with adult supervision. Just keep LOTS of FOOD on hand with your huge WELCOME outside. They rather seem to gravitate to where they feel welcomed & comfortable. Everyone needs acceptance, not criticism, & our youth especially, we think, since they’re often unsure of themselves in various areas. Keep feeding them physically, emotionally & spiritually. They’re our future! Hugs!

  2. Such a blessing of a birthday. You have such a warm, hospitable, family. I know God will use it. The older ones will continue to bring home friends, and it will be healing to some.

    Happy Birthday to Jacob! I can’t believe little you has a big 19 year old son 🙂

    Yummy looking food! I am getting over stomach flu, yet I am ready for a meatball now! ( caught it from those little grands over Christmas…do they just spread this stuff or what?)

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