7 degree morning

5 thoughts on “7 degree morning”

  1. I’ve read about Laura Ingalls Wilder and her chickens, too. I love that you brought it up and I loved that about her. I read that she wrote a series of article about keeping chickens for a local paper.

    May the Lord bless you for taking such good care of your chickens and your family. Hope you are staying warm! We were at 15 degrees this morning. I’m so thankful that winter is finally here.

  2. Thank you for those beautiful, icy, pond pictures. So lovely in the morning light. So are the hens. I like all their colors and feathers! Catching up with you on this rainy California day. Thanks for those thoughts on serving too. You have quite the crew to serve, and I know you love them all. I have found such peace and contentment in the Lord in this time of serving my boy. God is good.

  3. It is another cold, cold morning! I can tell, looking out my windows, that it just is not “nice” out there. It is nice to look at from in here though with my coffee, candles, and heat. Hope you guys are due for the warm up we are getting this weekend.

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