these days

phone dump post ahead!

dedicated to the ones I love…….


This was about a month ago at a little league game.  Rich brought one chair and eventually we realized we had both decided on the ground so we could sit really close together.


Seth was in the garage and dropped something (he said it was a hammer-thing) on his pinky toe.  He came in the house to show me his painful swollen and bloody toe.  “I saw my toenail fly off.  I couldn’t find it.” For some reason this struck me as hilarious…the thought of my six year old ignoring the pain and taking the time to search for his toenail, like maybe he thought it could be reattached.  This is a picture I took of it about a week later, when the nail started growing again.


Mitch and Ethan stylin’ at Jacob’s graduation.


The cake I made my Mama for her birthday.


Singing Happy Birthday to Grandma on June 19th.


At the end of the day…Jacob’s graduation party.


Caleb’s last little league game and his 4th place trophy.


Sarah and Seth with their new backpacks FOR SCHOOL!


A few weeks ago Rich and I snuck away for a night at a hotel together.  Alone.  This was part of the view from our room.  We had such a good time knowing that nobody was around who needed us….we could lock the door and never mind the world.


This is the summer of working toward driver’s licenses for the boys.


I am not very proud to say that I am scared to death in the passenger seat.  I feel that this is an indication of a control-problem on my part.  I eventually realized that going on my phone or reading a book helps to distract me from panic attack and/or  from distracting the driver.


Teenagers arguing over who has to sit in the backseat.  Ethan:  “I was here first”  Zac:  “I’m getting dropped off first.  Emily:  “I don’t want to sit in the back, it’s harder to get out and I want to jump right out when we get there.”  Jacob:  “I’m the firstborn.”

(they stayed put and rode just the way they were….squished)


Jacob and Emily at the coffee shop.  I thought it was so cute that they held hands like that.


The day I took these kids to the movies and Target.


A week later…another movie morning.


Grace and her book at the movies…..


This cat was sound asleep in/off my favorite chair on the porch.


Boys playing video games….Emily painting.



In the coop!


Seth microwaving!


Sarah learned a trick.


Our cat Samantha.


Pretty braid.



At church.


I’ve been making jars and jars of my Mama’s Raspberry Jelly!!!!

From berries on the side of the road!


The very first jar. 2 cups


picking more  berries a few days later


I held up one of the briars and it was covered!  These treasures like to hide and it truly is a feeling of treasure seeking and finding as I pick.  I just love it.  Some of the kids find it boring!  I don’t understand!





The next two jars!  3 cups


Yesterday’s batch!  4 cups!  I kept some of the seeds in this time…I’m going to use a jar for raspberry bars today and perhaps jam thumbprints soon, too. soooooo happy


This is heavenly!  Plain greek yogurt with a spoon of homemade jelly— nothing but pure berries and sugar.  The recipe is so easy and quick…instant gratification.


Seth does slow down at times.  And when he does I stand and stare at him.


R.C. —Jacob and Seth playing with their cars.


Grace laughing over Alyssa’s son’s instagram.


Boys wrestling party at our place this weekend!


I love it when I go in my room and shut the door for a little peace and quiet and this man of mine comes without knocking in to lean over the bed to tell me random things.  I LOVE HIM SO MUCH.


Sherlock helping me watch my chickens….we lost 5 last week to a raccoon so I’ve been keeping them locked up unless I am right there.


The list I left for the kids on Saturday morning when Rich and I left to get stuff for the wrestling party.


Sarah pretending she is a cat named “Hawaii”


Sarah swimming.  Now is the time to get those Land’s End suits on sale for next year!  This one is size 6, a little big on her…but so so cute.


Jacob and Emily napping on the couch.


Seth and I had to wait for Jacob at the college last week….





He was hitting mushrooms like they were golf balls.  Using a stick as a club.


We had a coffee/pastry treat as we waited, at a wonderful Italian bakery.


I made Caleb’s birthday cake myself…David in the red shirt took one bite of it and yelled “YES!”  As I jumped in my seat next to him he continued, “This cake is moist!  I love it when the cake is moist.”  LOL!!


Everyone was full of it.


sooooooo happy with these people of mine!


Micheal and his watermelon.  Parker was watching his Dad through the window.  One of my sunflowers got broken so I put it in a pitcher by the piano.


Yesterday Caleb got the last football cards I will ever buy him!  The complete set purchased with his birthday money and a loan from Mom.  “Mom, can I borrow 13 dollars?  It would make me really happy.”  Okay then.


We went to the movies and Subway for lunch.


I got my ears pierced! (2nd hole)


We went to the library last night for a magic show and then Seth got his first library card! I die.




“Why does it say Seth W on it?”  “That’s your middle initial”  “Oh, I remember!  William!”


I wrote this post with Parker at my feet.

Happy Summertime, my friends!

6 thoughts on “these days

  1. Oh my! I would have to take notes on all the little things I’d like to say, so many wonderful pictures!
    Moist cake lol! You look cute with 2 earrings! We love the movies too! I have the same problem when my 19 year old so drives. I put my feet on his dashboard and then held on to the safety bar. He said,”mom that’s not gonna help you.” Lol. Aww on set getting a library card. How fortunate you and rich are to get away. Blessed:) Emily seems like a great addition to the family. 🙂 I and my daughter made strawberry jam from berries we picked. My son eats alot of peanut butter and jam sandwhiches. I think I better make some more! I love picking berries. Raspberries would be divine! Happy summer yall! Christina

  2. Those berries are so cheerful! Your heart must be turning over at the thought of Sarah going off to school. She must be so excited to be “a big kid.” Happy Summer!

  3. Fun post–I have thought of doing a similar one, but I don’t have nearly as many fun/funny moments as you do. Must be all of those wonderful children you have! My favorite was the moist cake comment. Second favorite was your description of yourself in the passenger seat. I am the same way as we teach K to drive. I cannot keep myself from clutching the arm rests and using my right foot to press on an imaginary brake. I never dreamed it would be so nerve wracking!!

  4. Teaching our two kids to drive was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done actually, it was nerve wracking. And my husband did the harder parts, plus we hired a professional driving school for extra hours beyond the six that were required. Summer is my favorite season.

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