JR Miller quote and moments from my week




We cannot do what we desire to do. Many of our purposes are thwarted. We desire to do good and beautiful things, and we try — but our actual achievements fall far below our desires. Our clumsy hands cannot fashion the loveliness which our hearts dream of. Our faltering weakness cannot do the brave things our souls aspire to do. No artist ever paints on his canvas — all the beauty of his ideal. No singer ever expresses — all the music which burns within him as he sings. No eloquent orator ever utters — all that he feels as he pleads for truth or for justice.


So in all our life — we do only a little of what we strive to do. We set out in the morning with purposes of usefulness, of true living, of gentle-heartedness, of patience, of victoriousness; but in the evening we find only little fragments of these good intentions actually wrought out!


But God’s plans and intentions are all carried out!  No power can withstand Him — or frustrate His will. It was in this thought, that Job found peace in his long, sore trial: all things were in God’s hands, and nothing could hinder His designs of love!  Our God is infinitely strong.  In all earthly confusions, strifes, and troubles — His hand moves, bringing good out of evil for those who trust in Him. He executes all His purposes of good. He is never hindered in blessing His children.


“I know that You can do all things; no plan of Yours can be thwarted!” Job 42:2



Happy Friday, my friends!

4 thoughts on “JR Miller quote and moments from my week

  1. love this quote…great reminders. Also love Billy Graham’s quote “i know how this ends…I’ve read Revelations!” Thank goodness for Resting in an Unchanging God!

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