…..we went to the park
…..Jacob and Ethan spent the day at a friend’s house
…..we took naps
…..we let the new flock of chickens go outside in their fence all day long
…..the kids swam in the pond
… kitty caught me a frog
…..I read my book
…..Rich spent the day at the park with work

and when he got home

he and the kids put together a new trampoline!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daddy says life is such a crazy mess
He gotta jump on your chances for some happiness
We all see what daddy means
From way up here on this trampoline


Rich is a quiet, orderly leader and teacher.  They had everything out of the boxes and lined up together.  The back of the truck had tools and the small pieces.  They played music from the truck radio as they worked.  It was a calm and pleasant work environment.


Seth was begging me to play with him.  We played catch for quite a while.  Every time he had to chase the ball I did cartwheels.


At one point Grace was busy with fitting the pipes together and Ethan was busy working on another section.  Emily and Jacob had nothing to do so they were fooling around….Grace reprimanded, “Why don’t you guys HELP ETHAN?”  There was a short pause before Emily retorted, “Why don’t we help YOU?”  Grace thought about it and said, “Point taken.”  The answer?  They don’t WANT HELP.


The whole process took several hours.  At this point I was sitting on the back of the truck reading my book and keeping my eagle eye on them.  What a blessing to have a willing work crew.


Almost done!


Emily and Grace were the first to jump.  This was about 8pm last night.


Then Caleb had a turn.


This trampoline is a little smaller than our old one.  We had to take the old one down because we had it for so long it wasn’t as bouncy as it should be and the net was gone.  It was basically, in my humble mama’s opinion, an accident waiting to happen or perhaps even a death trap.  I begged Rich to take it down before Jacob’s party and he did…but he and the  kids were so sad that he ordered this new one the very same day.  It’s rectangle shaped and the net is secure all around the bottom, I can rest easy knowing that my babies are safe as they bounce.



Are you guys patient mamas at the end of the day?  I had to walk away after this picture because I was going crazy telling them exactly how to take turns, nagging them not touch the foam on the pipes (knowing if everyone pulls on it, it will eventually tear and rip) or the blue fabric, breaking up petty arguments “Mom Seth said he can jump better than meeeeeeeee.” and so on…I went in the house and said I was too tired to be a referee and Rich agreed that it was best for them to learn to work things out on their own.  So then I happily yelled about everything going on it the house, “Who left this bowl of leftover salad on the counter I am not a kitchen maid????”  “Someone please take out the garbage and don’t put it on the ground BY the can this time, I had to pick trash up this morning because someone didn’t take the tiny next step to put it in the can!!!!!!!!!!”

I’m just saying, we do have our limits.


The trampoline was a job well done.  Caleb just asked me what we were doing today and the answer is:  JUMP.

Rejoice in that day and leap for joy Luke 6:23

7 thoughts on “yesterday……

  1. That trampoline looks safe. My baby who is in 6th grade was jumping on the neighbors trampoline and broke his arm! But I’m not sure they had the net.
    Yes that sounds about right at the end of the day for me:). Have fun jumping! Christina

  2. Even though I’m not a Mama (except to my pets), I OFTEN have to walk away from things and take a breather for a while when things get too stressful so I am with you on that one. I hope you were able to take a turn on the trampoline, too. 🙂

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