“….but encourage one another daily, as long as it is called Today….”  Hebrews 3:13


Over the last two days we have had four inches of rain.  This is good news considering the lawn was already turning brown and it’s only June 2.  It’s been so nice not to have to carry water to my flowers.

I’m sharing miscellaneous photos today, like the one of Grace’s rabbit, who was allowed to explore the outdoors for the first time a few weeks ago, with Grace nearby, keeping a sharp look out.



I’ve been turning over lots of logs as we walk in the woods…we find lots of friendly little woodland creatures, mostly the large beetle many legged kinds, but sometimes we get to say hi to a lizard or two, they have the loveliest earthy homes.  So cozy.  And then I gently turn the logs back over for them.


All the women in my family love wild lady slippers.


water balloon fight on a very hot day


Rich was on a business trip last week and I was at one of many little league games.  I watched the games and kept a casual eye on Seth and Sarah but at one point I couldn’t locate Seth.  I walked all over the place trying to find him.  I finally asked Dave, who was in the dugout at the time, if he had seen him…..and yes, it turned out he was up in the score box hanging out with the scorekeeper.  He’s wearing the bright green neon shirt in the picture.


Much to my dismay, Mr.R, our neighbor whom Jacob works for, gave the boys a HUGE old TV to play with.  They took it apart this weekend and it was nice, after all, to see them busily doing a project.  There are now baggies of copper wire and what-not in my cupboard, and they very neatly put the pieces they didn’t want into the garbage.


With Rich in my line of vision, and the three youngest in the pond, it was hard to concentrate on my book.


Then the rest of the children marched by, on their way to what they call “the murder scene” far away in the woods…..Jacob, Emily, Grace, Zac, Ethan, and Dave.



The new chickies are growing nicely.  They are now in the coop with the seven hens, which makes for a slight difficulty as I am very protective of the chicks and keep them shut in the coop tightly (all sorts of creatures love tender chick meat).  I go down in the morning to let the older chickens out to roam around.  Therefore, the hens can’t get back in as usual and have no where to lay their eggs and I don’t know what they are doing with them.


Snickers smiling on the front steps.


The late-bloom lilacs are blooming.  They smell divine.  I have a bouquet of them in the kitchen.


Emily gave Sarah presents for her birthday.



Time for Birthday Cake!  Will Parker the dog get some?  He looks so sad.


Five candles



We gave Sarah a scooter for her birthday and she loves it.


She loves the little knee and elbow pads, and the little gloves.  We bought her a helmet, too, but when we went to put it on her we realized it had a crack in it already so we have to take it back.


She took her scooter to David’s late game on Saturday night.  It was great fun watching her go all over the place on it.  The wheels light up as they turn, so it was especially exciting for her as it got darker outside.





“Let us fix our eyes

on Jesus,

the author and perfecter of our faith.”

Hebrews 12:2

There is so much to be thankful for, especially the holy Spirit of God within our hearts, turning our dissatisfaction to contentment, our bitterness into love, our “poor me” attitudes into confidence and joy.  He gets all the glory forever and ever.  He makes all the difference..anything and everything that is beautiful is because of HIM alone.

You are loved.



3 thoughts on “thankful

  1. Enjoyed your pictures! I remember when Sarah was a little baby with not much hair when I followed you on Xanga, it don’t seem so long ago, but 5 years old now?!!Time goes fast when you measure it by children! Happy Birthday Sarah!
    Lovely Flower pictures!
    Looks like you have baby chicks too! We just got ours! I’m way excited and hoping for lots of eggs!
    Have a great day, Kim

  2. I always love seeing your pics! Sarah is so cute wearing her crown like a visor! 🙂

    The chicks are very cute. I’m afraid I will be facing the same dilemma…keeping them safe in the hen house, vs. older hens who need to come in to lay.

    I hope you are having a great week, Shanda!

  3. Love your post! What a life full to the brim of happy moments and rare gifts like treasures.
    You are loved.

    🙂 Christina

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