i have a cheetah for a daughter. today is her birthday.

Sarah has been pretending to be a couple of different animals lately.

First she was a dog named Princess and I was her mother and our dog, Parker, was her father.

(She announces these things to me and then gets irritated when I can’t remember her name.)

Next it was, “Mom, I’m your cheetah and my name is Star.”

This last one has been going on for several days, I’m getting kind of used to her name being Star now.

I love how she naturally includes me in her land of make-believe, always.  Always her mother.

We took the kids out to dinner last night and then Rich wanted to go in the Apple store so I went into Gap Kids and came across the perfect shirt for my cheetah daughter named Star.


Isn’t she beautiful?  Today is her birthday and now she is five years old.

The family baby is five!



She also likes unicorns and tigers.



7 thoughts on “i have a cheetah for a daughter. today is her birthday.

  1. When one of my girls was that age, she pretended she was Uncle Dave and flew in airplanes. She also kept lions and elephants as pets. She still remembers me stepping on the elephant that was sleeping on the rug. She just turned 50. I wouldn’t have minded calling her Star, but I refused to call her Uncle Dave (whoever he was.)

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