{this moment} and a video announcement

This is me, blowing out my candles at 9pm at night after a long long day and wrestling practice for the guys.  I wish you could have heard the family’s rendition of “Happy Birthday” it was goofy and I think it was in three part (or more) harmony, too.


It took a while for the smoke to clear from the kitchen!

And, thank you so much for having fun with me here on the blog regarding the perfume sample giveaway.  Here is a video announcing the winner.  We did no preparation and we only did one take.  I love my Davy.

3 thoughts on “{this moment} and a video announcement

  1. I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!! Jo Malone perfume! I like how you can mix and match or just wear them each alone. and there are SO many to try. 🙂 I’m sad I missed your giveaway. Also…it was fun to see the video and hear your voice. Haha.
    and a Happy Belated Birthday on this post. 😉

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