the ring, billy cat, someone growing, the ring again, and a quote from sarah

I woke right up this morning thinking about the ring.  I fell asleep last night thinking about it, too.  I’d rather not blog about it.  Suffice it to say that I lost my Tiffany ring that Rich gave me for our anniversary a short 5 months ago.  I have looked all over the house, cleaning as I go.  If you ever want to get Spring Housecleaning done in February might I suggest losing something tiny and valuable in the house?  It’s been remarkable how much I’ve found but mostly dirt and dust, about 1,000 marbles and legos, bobby pins, small change, pony tail holders, an earring that I thought was gone forever, a set of keys, crayons, pens, and pencils, but no ring, and oddly nothing belonging to my poor husband.  Only crap that belongs to myself and the children.



This morning Sarah and I went to town.  I had to go to the Post Office, which I don’t like doing, and I was struck once again by the cheerful attitude of my little girlie who doesn’t mind going out into the cold with Mama on a constant basis.  She puts her hand in mine and we go. “Mom, remember.  Cars go FAST.” she says as we cross the street.  We bought a bag of books for 2 dollars at the thrift store.  We went to the grocery store and then home again to read them.


The cats are always inside now that it’s been so cold.  Billy amuses us all the time.  Today he decided to get a drink from the kitchen sink.






I began taking way too many pictures of Billy drinking water from the faucet.




Then something caught his eye and he forgot all about the water.



What could it be?  He stood up on tip toes.


And he pressed his orange head against the screen.  His tail was twitching.


Birds.  Lots and lots of birds.  They were politely taking a seed and flying right by the kitchen window in front of the orange cat.  He wanted so badly to go and catch one but I said no.

I poured my coffee and invited him to sit with me for a chat instead.


He had a hard time focusing after all the excitement of water and birds.


“I’d rather have bird.” he says.  “Also I would rather scratch you.” he confesses.


Grace is shrinking.  Either that or Davy is growing taller.  I’m not sure.


She is 15 and he is 12.  It’s an odd thing to see the little brother catch up in height.  His feet are already bigger.


This was my napping buddy yesterday.  The children had no school because it was (NOT A SNOW DAY –I know hard to believe!) President’s Day.  I read Seth a chapter of Henry and Ribsy, by Beverly Cleary.  And then we fell asleep back to back in the big bed.  He’s the apple of my eye.  Rich and I took him to his wrestling  tournament (states!) on Sunday and he placed 5th.

Back to the Ring Saga:


Last night, Rich pulled the washer and dryer out to check for the ring.  The boys were right there watching the entire time.

At dinner Rich prayed and thanked the Lord for the food.  Before he forgot, I interjected, “And please, dear Lord, help me find my ring,” prompting Grace to groan aloud, “PLEASE!”  “Amen” said Rich, and when we opened our eyes Jacob expected the ring to fall from the sky onto my plate.  If only!

David read this in his book last night:




This picture does a good job at illustrating what’s been going on in my house.  I’m the one in the long striped skirt.


In other news……..

Sarah watched “Finding Nemo” for the first time yesterday.  When I tucked her into bed she asked, “Mom, can I watch ‘My Me Me Mo’ again tomorrow?”



15 thoughts on “the ring, billy cat, someone growing, the ring again, and a quote from sarah

  1. Oh life! I am praying you find your ring. One time mom lost her checkbook. She searched all over and sent up a prayer. She found it in her apron pocket. God’s still in the miracle business!
    Love the pictures of cat. My boys tower over me and their sister. My tallest is 6 3 .
    Keep looking up! Christina

  2. My little brother is taller than me…well, he is taller than all the girls in our family…

    I really hope you find the ring soon…

    I love the Diary Of A Wimpy Kid books–so well written! I really need to read the latest one…

  3. I have a feeling you’re going to find your ring when you’re not looking for it. It’s got to be there somewhere – in a pocket or a glove. I love your cat pictures. He really makes himself at home.

  4. I know the feeling many times of loosing something valuable and tarring your house upside down, over thinking where you last saw it, the stress of where is it… Keep looking, keep just has to turn up somewhere.. I do hope for you.

    The story of the lost coin from the Bible always comes to mind.

    Let me share this…
    Last spring a teenage girl in our apt. Lost her keys. I helped her search and search. I told her that every time I have lost something I prayed about it and although I had to work diligently to find it, God has always answered. She asked like what? I told her several stories of examples and long hours looking but We always found them and they were in odd spots that God gave us wisdom to look. The keys were important to her, she was in tears. I prayed with her and asked God to give us wisdom where to look. I felt like I put His name on the line and trusted Him to help us… Assuring her sometimes He makes us wait or even if we couldn’t find them..I have to trust Him it was His will for whatever reason that it would be. We searched for an hour. I begged God in my heart for this girl was in tears. I took a brief break from looking and then… It was strange. You see we looked in every possible place around the yard where she was…in bushes like 5 times…never saw them. She was on the ground worried. I asked her if she would be in trouble if she didn’t have them and she cried yes.. Pleading for my continual help. At that moment I was going to console her with a hug but I wasn’t sensing she wanted me to so I walked around her and nearby was a bush we looked many times already at..but in a different angle as I was walking and was talking to her I looked down and deep inside the bush were her keys!! I almost had an hallelujah fit but couldn’t help myself in praising God out loud for what He did!

    • That’s a great story, Bridgette! I am thinking a lot about the lost coin of the Bible and relating to that woman, unfortunately we have so many material possessions that it’s hard to keep diligent care of them. I’m ashamed of that. Great story about you helping the young girl!

  5. Oh dear! Not good about the ring. I’m sure you’ve checked under all the couch cushions and down the sides? The cat made me smile. And the sibling heights, yes, yes. My Anna who is also 15 is on the shorter side, while her brothers lean toward the taller end. And her younger brother has now passed her up. There was one summer when I had my “twins” though. 😉

  6. So sorry you lost your beautiful ring! I will be praying you find it. My husband’s grandmother had lost a piece of jewelry, and she found it in the head of lettuce in the drawer in the refrigerator. It will turn up one of these days, Lord willing. I’m excited about the perfume coming! If that’s why you needed to go to the post office, I’m sorry, but thank you 🙂

    • Hi Liz! Why, yes that is why I went to the Post Office, and I had three other boxes to send out to people for Christmas. But I was glad to get it done. 🙂 I still haven’t found the ring but had to chuckle over your story about Grandma’s ring in the head of lettuce.

  7. Oh, and i lost my engagement ring and found it months later in our church’s front yard. God loves a story that can point to Him!

  8. So sorry about your ring… I hope it shows up soon!
    I LOVE the cat photos! You always take such nice photos of your surroundings!!
    I feels funny and neat having your children get taller huh?
    I am always amazed when I look over and my children are looking or close to looking into my eyes, and I”M TALL….
    Have a great day, Kim

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