snowy birthday for seth

seth bday6







Seth 6th bday




Seth turns six years old today and received his first wristwatch.  It’s adorable when he calls out the time.  He also received a lego set from Uncle Dave and Aunt Maria, a remote control car which every child in the family loves to play with, and a wallet with twenty dollars to put inside of it.

He has requested a turtle cake.  I mixed up the batter and baked a round cake, and a dozen cupcakes.  Later on, after they cool, we will put the cakes together as a turtle and frost them green and brown.  Seth scraped the batter from the bowl and had to have his face washed.

Our fifth son Seth is a loving, energetic, impulsive, happy, bright little boy just like his brothers were before him.  He teases and laughs, jokes, and dances.  He burps and toots.  He is healthy and strong.  He has a thin, wiry body and his Dad calls him his little Scrapper.  Rich says the part of Seth he loves the most is his fearlessness.  My favorite thing about him is that he endearingly calls me “Moo-Moo” and still loves to be by my side constantly, talking to me, hugging me, kissing, and snuggling.  He still says, “I want you, Moo-Moo!  Can you come sit on the couch with me?”

He is in Kindergarten and learning so many things.

He wrestles and has a lot of talent and heart.

I put a little extra time into his birthday portraits this morning because we are having a snowstorm and school was cancelled.  I wet his hair down, washed blue candy stains off his lips and put some clean clothes on him.  I bought two photography apps for my laptop to edit the portraits with and enjoyed looking into his handsome eyes as I played with the editing tools.

Outside the window there are snowflakes blowing around from the sky and off the roof of the house, snow on the ground is slowly getting deeper, and hungry little chickadees line up to select sunflower seeds at the feeder.  The nine of us, and our six pets, are all snug and warm in the house.  Jacob is putting dinner into the crockpot for later and Grace is reading a book, The Chocolate War, by Robert Cormier.  It is actually Jacob’s reading book for school.  It looks as if she’ll have it completely read before he does, which he finds somewhat annoying.

David and Caleb are playing together in their room and Ethan is drawing.  Rich is working from home and the two little ones (birthday boy and his sister) are taking naps.  We were up late last night *having a super bowl party* so they are tired and need a snowy day sleep in the afternoon.


Happy Birthday, Seth!


10 thoughts on “snowy birthday for seth

    • I like your observations so much. Being their mom, it’s sometimes hard for me to “see” who they resemble, because I only see “them”. Six is fun, and so is 11. Happy birthday to your Nicholas!

  1. A Snow Day on your Birthday?? My kids would say that is an awesome gift! Wonderful pictures that will be such a treasure in the years to come. Can’t wait to see a picture of the Turtle Cake!!

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